Sunday, September 08, 2013 Stole My Work!

I'm writing this blog post in the hope that it will help other Erotic Story writers who have had their work stolen by this site. What most of my regular readers might not know is that I used to write Erotic Stories for a couple of different sites, being one of them.

*Warning* Don't click on the links to my Erotic Stories if that sort of thing upsets you. These stories are very graphic in nature and not at all "PG" rated.

My Stories on Literotica

It has recently come to my attention that is stealing stories from anywhere they can get them from and putting them on their site. Yes, my Lit. name is on my story but there's no link back to the original story on Literotica and they have posted my entire story on their site, which is an infringement of copyright law.

Here's a link to the 3 Erotic Stories of mine that they have stolen:

My Stolen Stories

My fellow Literotica authors have been sending take down notices to with nothing being done on their part. We have sent copyright infringement notices to takedownpiracy and have contacted to let them know that stories are being stolen.

There's even a fb page to get Nookiestar shut down.

If you are a writer I would suggest you take a look at and search their site to see if any of your stories have been stolen as well. I've contacted a couple of other Lit. authors and let them know that their stories have been stolen.


  1. Gotta hate those lazy arse thieves. Never knew you wrote erotica

  2. Huh I didn't know that either! Very neat. But damn that sucks they're doing that. Hope they get taken down soon!

  3. Thanks guys, I hope we can get it taken down soon too. Buy from what I've been told unless we've filed for a formal copyright on our own...we don't have any recourse after publishing our stories for free on a site that lets you read them for free. But that hardly seems right.

  4. Ugh, I hate the people who do this. My books are constantly on pirate sites too. Soul-destroying!

  5. Sorry to hear you are having this issue. There are a lot of lazy idiots who seem to feel this is ok to do, hopefully karma will take care of them one of these days.

  6. Hi, I'm Cassandra Harper, and I'm a write for Literotica. I just realized that Nookiestar has stolen my work as well and I would like to join in on the complaint. I can't publish anything until they've removed all of my work. What should I do?

  7. You can contact me at

  8. You can contact me at


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