Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Twitter Wednesday

Welcome to another week of twitter Wednesday. Where I copy and paste your funny Twitterings and share them here. This week should be quite fun as I have add some of the debate snark I found on Twitter. As always the names and @'s have been left off so no one gets mad. :P

Two days in a row at the gym and ready to go tomorrow. Not dead yet, but I do love my Aleve. Woo hoo!

And the #debate is on!

I wonder how many time Kandy Crowley will interrupt Romney during the debate.

Lets hunger games this thing.

Mitt Romney should not try to be funny. ~CNN Commenter --> Well, there's little risk of that

Employment question to Romney. Oh, Hell! #Debate

To be sure they are paying attention ask how they feel about classic Star Wars vs. the 2nd set #debate

Obama's on the attack. He wants back in! #Debates

I hope someone asks Romney a question that involves him discovering a tortoise on its back in the desert. #debate

This is why I didn't include '4 years' 'energy' or 'the future' in my #debate drinking game. We'd already be drunk.

Okay, I don't usually get political on Twitter, but darn it, I think trapping wolves is cruel, and I like 3rd party choices.

Crowley can't pronounce Romney. Shake off the nerves. It won't mess up your hair. There's more than enough spray in those curls. -

I'm waiting for them to talk vajayjays.

What's that sound? Candy's whip a crackin!

If they fist fight, will someone ref?

Ah, Romney seems pissed

Obama drank a red bull AND popped some no doz.

"I'm used to being interrupted." ~Obama, #debate

Romney's gone desperate. Drowning man here! #Debates

Frankly, mitten's attitude towards the female moderator is despicable. I guess true attitudes come through. He hates women.

Stinger missile on Romney's ass! Cover! #Debates

Omg this is a crazy debate. Wang-swinging galore.

Yes because my parents get hit so hard on their trust funds.

Mitt got punked right there. Candy is keeping him more in check than Obama

just because you say it Romney, doesn't mean it is true. arrogant prick! #2012PresidentialDebate

In about 20 years, we’re going to have a generation where nobody can run for president because of the camera phone

...with the way she's handling Mitt, Candy must have nannied for a spoiled, wealthy, only child. #debate

These guys keep interrupting each other... @KanyeWest would be proud. #debate

I am waiting for Pres Obama to accidentally look at Mitt Romeny and say "Listen here, 47% boy." #debate

Candy Crowley is letting them go at it tonight. She's about to stand on her desk and rip her own bra off! #debate

So not only does Romney hate Big Bird, but he also disrespects women. What a winner

Last time I added up something the way Romney did, I flunked my math test! #Debates

I love how Romney assumes that middle people are getting hit hard by capital gains taxes. DUDE WE DON'T EVEN HAVE SAVINGS.

"Of COURSE they add up" god you are such a pompous, arrogant ass Romney #debates

You don't mess Mama Candy, bitch! #Debate

Obama claims he is making wind jobs. We could power the whole country on the wind he is blowing right now

“‘Wind jobs’? They’re called ‘blow jobs’, Mormon.””