Thursday, September 08, 2005


I found a small puppy last night when I went for my walk. Now I mean this was a small small puppy, probably not more than a few weeks old. I knocked on all the doors right around the place where I found him and no body claimed him, so I brought him home with me and fed him and gavce him some water. Poor thing whined all night. He would cry unless he was up near my neck so I slept on the couch with him. I can't keep him, my daughter is allergic to cats and dogs and sure enough last night after she held him for a few minutes she started sneezing and her eyes got all red. So this morning I'm taking him to my moms. LOL I called her last night and her dog, Bootsie, is 14 years old and she knows he probably isn't going to live more than a couple more years. I think this dog is some kind of small terrier. So she said she would take him and she said she thought a good name was Henry. At least I know he'll have a good home, my mom spoils Bootsie like crazy.