Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some people talk to much

Have you ever run across a person who upon meeting you for the first time tells you things about themselves that you wouldn't tell your therapist?

Most times when I meet a new person I will say Hi and introduce myself and then wait to see how they act. I'm usually quiet in person until I get to know you. I like to watch people, you learn a lot more about people if you sit back and watch.

Some people upon meeting you have a bad tendency to start talking about how they were in jail, had an affair, are divorced because they beat their spouse, smoke pot, used to do hard drugs, and have never gotten along with their mother.

Seriously? I've had people tell me intimate details about their life after meeting me for the first time and I just don't understand why someone would do that.

Then there are other people who like to make themselves look like bad asses. You know the type, a guy will see you talking with your man and he will say to your man that he would never let his woman talk that way to him in front of his friends that he would smack her and teach her how to act around his friends.


Someone will tell you that they spent years in prison for this or that and they now have 'connections'. You know the type who will tell you that they killed someone but never got caught, or they used to steal cars but never got caught because they were just that good. Or their family is so rich they can buy their way out of any problems..even though they are living in a one room apartment..yeah their family is loaded!

If you want to be respected for being a bad ass, then act like it...don't just talk shit. When someone gets in your face, don't back down and then later say..if you hadn't stopped me I would have killed him. Yeah sure dude, you're so bad ass.

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