Sunday, August 12, 2012

The House I Grew Up In

This is what the house I grew up in looks like now. 
When I was a kid there was a chain link fence around the front yard and an apple tree in the front yard. It's a duplex and we lived in the front house as well as the back house. The back yard is huge and has a big avocado tree in it. Billy and I had a tire swing on that avocado tree and we taught our dog poochie how to climb the tree. 

It looks a little different but the same. 

Eden Fantasys: Halloween Costumes

I told you about Eden Fantasys a while back and since you all seemed to be interested I thought I would tell you a little more about some of the products you could get from them. 

With Halloween just around the corner this is a great time to remind you to start looking for those costumes now. Don't know where to start? I have a suggestion for you, take a look at Eden Fantasys for your costume. They have costumes for handing out candy, for going to those naughty parties, or for going to a tamer costume party. 

If your man has a French Maid fantasy and do you know one that doesn't? You could get this costume and wear it on other days besides Halloween. Comes with dress and head piece. 

This looks like the naughty officer costume to me. Comes with dress, hat, baton and handcuffs. 

We can't forget the men's costumes. How about a police officer? This costume comes with the clothes, hat, baton and handcuffs. (I think I need to be arrested by the naughty officer. Maybe hubby will wear it if I get it for him, hmmm.)

You could both dress up as cops with this police girl costume. This costume comes with the handcuffs, collar, armband, belt, clothes and stockings. (I seem to see a theme here on my blog today.) So do any of these costumes appeal to you? Do you dress up for Halloween? Can you think of other reasons to buy one of these costumes? ( I can think of a couple and they have nothing to do with Halloween *giggle*)

Disclosure: I was provided with a gift code to, an online adult toys retailer, in exchange for my review. However all opinions remain my own.