Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Have New Babies!

This little girl is Flower and yes she's a hairless rat. Isn't she cute though?

And this is Scribbles and he's a male. 

They are both about 6 months old and so now I have 4 rats in my family. Scribbles looks a little like Lucky in the face and if this little monkey will sit still long enough for me to get a picture of his face I will post one. 

I adopted them from a family friend who no longer had the time to care for them. 

Flower is the first hairless rat I've ever had so expect at least one article about hairless rats coming from me sometimes soon, after I've done some research.

I bought a large box of 24 fleece throw blankets in various colors and made sure there were some pink ones in there for my new girl's cage. Now I know I have enough blankets for the cage cleanings plus I had to replace some of those old holey blankets that Marbles and Lucky love to chew on. lol 

Twitter Wednesday!

Welcome to another Twitter Wednesday, where I pull some of the funniest tweets from my Twitter feed and post them here for you to read. As always I have left off the names and @'s so no one gets mad. :)

Rocky is facing off with Hulk. He's left staring at Hulk's moobs.

The mountain of molten lust? Wasn't that Fabio?

If you stop tweeting to go to the bathroom you are doing twitter wrong.

I got mood poisoning. Must have been something I hate.

My son asked me the best way to pick up girls, I told him that the fireman's carry always worked best for me.

When the cashier gives you change, leave the pennies in case some fat kid needs gum.

Cap.n Crunch has been a captain for 50 years, he must be one hell of a fuck up to not get promoted in all that time.

I asked my sister if she played Candy Crush and she said she can't because she has diabetes.

I’m mousing with my left hand until my right arm gets better… wow, is that different. And I’m left-handed (except for using the mouse).

I call you Melted Rainbow Sherbert because you're sweet & your tattoos haven't aged well.

U promised me $5k more when he wuz dead. Well he's fucking dead. I did the job now where's my money? Do U wanna join him???

Sorry that last thing was meant to be a DM.

YOU drag the coffee table towards you on the carpet with a full cup of coffee without SpiLling!!!!

Yeah well my friends on MySpace think I'm funny.

I ordered a cute, but semi-cheapish purse from Amazon and oh. my. god. It smells foul. I wonder how to get rid of the crotch smell?

I have been informed it wouldn’t be necessary to create a bow if I’d simply purchase one instead and it would work better. Yes, son

Oh, Josh Groban. Your heavy lids and silky voice make me want to DO things. And my inner grunge-loving teen is horrified.

Forcing my husband and son to watch Princess Bride. "Two words no man wants to hear...princess and bride," my husband said. Ha, they'll see!

Your #Kindle needs these. Trust me, I'm a gynecologist.

Warning: my battery is below 20%
I may power down unless someone can get me to the All Spark.

Currently middle is rendering a bunch of boxes into a suit of armor, shield, sword and bow. The armor is a longer term project

kittehs go where they want to. 

Don't say "sorry" and then do it all over again. The longer the explanation, the bigger the lie.

I inherited my dads retarded gene. I'm a big ole dee de deee.

It started with Adam and Eve and then a snake with a fake birth certificate gave them healthcare and now we've lost a plane. Benghazi!