Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Been a great week

I know it's only monday (looking at clock) ok, so it's now tuesday and I've won a book by Jasmine Haynes called The fortune hunter, I won a $25.00 gift card to Borders and I got picked to host a Kraft House party and they are sending me a free Velveeta cheese and maxwell house coffee to serve to my guests.

I also got a bunch of free samples the past few days:
Free sample of Biofreeze
Free sample of John Freida Shampoo and conditioner
Free sample of dried plums
Free sample of Kashi cereal
Free coupon for Halo spots stew dog food (I'm giving it to my mom for her new dog)
Free coupon for a free sample of Next to Nature
and a free sample of hand sanitizer

I love finding the free sample sites and ordering the ones I can use or the ones I can give to my family. The dog food used to come in handy when I had rats, they would eat that stuff up. I even got a free sample (a whole can) of cat food and my daughter opened it up and left it in the courtyard for the cats that are always around here. The next day it was gone, so some lucky cat got it.