Friday, October 14, 2005

What a tangled web we weave.....

It has been a crazy few days. My brother was arrested for violating the restraining order his wife got. But he really didn't violate it. He and his wife had just come from the court house where they decided to work things out in seperating what was who's and all that very amicably. They were going to go back to his place fill out all the necessay paperwork and then file it the next day. It would be cheaper than going through a divorce lawyer. They told the judge that's what they were going to do and thought it would be ok, but my brothers vengeful ex girlfriend found out they were together and called the police and brought them to his place where they arrested him for being within 100 feet of his wife, thus breaking the restraining order, even thought she was at his place. All the charges were dropped after 3 days in jail and he was finally able to go in front of the judge, but his wife had to rescind the restraining order. Now there is a restraining order on the ex girlfriend. lol I could write a damn book.

I took my daughter through one of the haunted houses. There were tooooo many strobe lights and I darn near got sick in the place.We are going to try another one, one that doesn't have all the friggin strobe lights making it hard as hell to walk down the hallways. LOL The only thing I did like about this one was the guy at the end holding the chainsaw...a real chainsaw and as you came by to exit he started it and chased you out. LOL Thankfully there was no chain on it, it was all for the sound effects but you don't knowthat at the time. lol