Monday, June 20, 2005

Embarassing Moment

I just hate having something really embarassing happen in a place that I frequent all the darn time. Ever since the operation and having this damn scar on my neck I haven't been able, no let me rephrase that...I havent felt comfortable going out in public. So rarely do I venture out these days. Not that I went out alot before, but now it's even less. But yesterday I wen to the grocery store to get a few things and for what ever reason ended up having a panic attack. I haven't had one in about a year and that's really good for me. I had Agoraphobia for years and sometimes it will creep back up on me. I think I felt the sweating and heart palpatations starting and was so scared I was going to have a panic attack that I brought one on. Well before I could get out to me car, cause I wanted to get done getting my stuff and I didn't want to look strange just leaving my cart there since I was already in line, so I stood there and stood there and it just happened. I couldn't catch my breath and hyperventalited so much especially after people started looking at me that I passed out. Good going mary. shesh.
The store manager called 911, oh god, and when I woke up I heard the sirens. Good grief why didn't I just leave?
I told the ambulance tech what happened and said I wasn't going to the hospital. I got home, I must have looked bad cause ken asked me what happened and I told him. He made me promise to call my doc tomorrow and make an appointment. Oh goody.
Dang, I don't think I'll ever be able to go in there again now.