Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sharing Rat Pictures

I was looking through some old pictures of my boys and decided even though I know I shared some of these pictures with you all before, I wanted to share them again. 

This is Hades, this boy sleeps really easily and soundly and so my daughter took a couple of pictures of him while he was holding a little toy duck. 

This was Brodie. The face he is making is this picture just makes me smile. This guy was such a character. 

Hades has his foot on Jaspers face. Jasper could not have cared less, he just layed there like that. 

Jasper and hades always slept together before Jasper passed away. They curled up with each other like this all the time. 

hades fell asleep like this in my daughter's hand. As long as you pet him, he's a happy boy. 

Jasper and Ares. Jasper is on the right, he was the biggest rat I've ever had. 

And Jasper posing with bunny ears for Easter. I gave him a little treat and he happily sat there eating it. 

Hades with bunny ears. They didn't even care as long as they were getting a treat or being petted. 

My daughter made those bunny ears and he sat there looking at her like, "Ok, I posed, where's my treat." 

This was one of my first rats, Oreo. This was his favorite place to sleep. 

Hades and Jasper. I swear Hades can sleep anywhere.