Sunday, August 02, 2015

Flower- My Hairless Rat

Flower is now 28 months old and since rats usually live 2-3 years, I spend as much time with her and Scribbles as I can. She's in really good health and is still very active. She never sits still and loves to come out and play. So I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures of her. This one was take a week ago when I opened the door to her cage and she walked down the ramp and onto my computer table to run over and give me kisses and then run back into her cage. She is too funny. 

I was cleaning the potty corner of her cage one morning and had put the plastic bag down outside her cage and she reached her little paw out trying to grab it. lol 

Flower trying out her new hammock. She loved it. 

Doesn't she look inquisitive? 

Oh and she likes whip cream and pumpkin pie. lol I let her have a bite and this is what she looked like after she was done eating. 

The lady that does the rat meme's that I post on Monday's saw this picture and made a meme of Flower's picture. She looks like she was posing for a picture. She's such a pretty girl. She is so friendly, she loves to give kisses and come out to play and she love to jump in my shirt and hide.

Have you ever had a hairless rat? After seeing Flower's cute pictures, would you consider having a hairless rat? 

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Review: Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover

Product Description

Experience The Worlds Most Comfortable Pillow! 

Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow and Kool-Flow(tm) Bamboo Cover can help eliminate these problems! 

Everyone is different and likes their pillow shaped to their individual preference. Our pillow comfortably shapes to your head & neck in any position while maintaining proper support all night long ensuring you a better nights sleep. It will be the most comfortable pillow that you will ever own. 

Our Kool-Flow(tm) Bamboo Cover keeps your pillow cool all night long. 

There's Nothing More Important Than Your Health! 

70% of people do not like their pillows and lose sleep because of them. 

Improper alignment of your neck cuts off the flow to your cervical nerves. 

With our pillow you will get proper alignment of your cervical nerves which is essential for a good nights sleep. You will get more Rem sleep which is a deep healing sleep that keeps you healthy and alert.

My Review

First thing I noticed when I got the box this pillow came in was that it felt heavier than other pillows I've ordered. After opening the box, cutting the plastic off and taking a look at the pillow, I noticed that the pillow was expanding right before my eyes. It turned out to be a fairly thick pillow.

I am a side sleeper and I fold one side of my pillow over and under so that my head sits higher on that side. So my pillows don't last because they get misshapen and lumpy when I try to sleep on my back it's uncomfortable. But this pillow is wonderful because it's not going to mold into a weird shape. I can fold it over, squish it into the shape I want and after getting up, it goes right back into its original shape. 

I'm also going through peri menopause and I have night sweats and hot flashes *TMI?* but with the cool flow bamboo cover the pillow seems to stay a little bit cooler than a traditional pillow has. I've never had a shredded memory foam pillow before so this was a new experience for me but I'm so glad that I have this pillow now.

If you'd like to buy one for yourself, you can find it here

Disclaimer: I was given this product at a deep discount in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Freebie Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Freebie Friday, where I tell you what free samples and full sized products I received in the mail and how you can get them too. Someone asked me why I do a 'Freebie Friday" each week, so I'll tell you.

A while back I listed all the free samples and wins that I had received that previous year and so many people didn't believe that I could have gotten so many free things. So I decided to prove it by taking a picture every week and sharing the sites that I found the links to the freebies at. So now you too can get great free samples coming to your mailbox each week.

  You can find links to samples like these at Hey It's Free and Freebie Shark.
Did you know you can sign up at Tomoson and get free products too. You can also sign up at these sites and get products at a great discount. No Kidding CouponsAMZ Review Trader, and Elite Deal Club.

This week I received a box from Influenster.

When you sign up with their site, they randomly send out Vox Boxes full of products for you to try at home. All you have to do is write reviews for the products, post pictures ect.

In my box from Influenster was...

Vaseline Continuous Spray Lotion
Infusium Leave In Conditioner
Dickinson's Witch Hazel Cleansing Cloths
Blue Diamond Sriracha flavored Almonds
A Coupon for BarkThins
Blue Nail Polish

Did you receive anything free this week?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Product Review: Tiny Toys Bath Toy Organizer

Product Description
 Arms length away for easy play and speedy clean up.
 Organizer made from 100% polyester in addition to drip dry from the net.
Netting will hold up to 5 lbs or 2.2 kg - carries light and heavy toys.
Washable mesh, strong suctions, no fuss bag for more play. Wrinkles come from smiling - not age.

My Review
When my daughter was little I always had things like this to keep her bath toys from ending up all over the bathroom floor. Now that my daughter is grown and has a two year old son, I love getting her things like this for my grandson. Bath toy organizers are a must, at least to me and this mesh bag is perfect for holding some light weight bath toys and letting them air dry up out of the way. I have flat walls in my bathroom around my tub and so does my daughter so I placed the suction cups on the wall to see if they would stick and they do. This works really well. I also think this would make a great gift for new mom's and for kids so they have somewhere to store their bath toys.

Disclaimer: I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

I you'd like to purchase one of these, you can find it here

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Non Surgical Treatment of a Proximal Humerus 3 Part Fracture

So as most of you know by now, on June 10th I fell into my kitchen wall with my arms outstretched and broke my right arm/shoulder. The exact bone that I broke was the upper humerus bone at the top where it fits into the shoulder socket. 

My actual X-Ray showed I had 3 small non displaced fractures in my humerus. I circled the fractures so you can see where they were.

I was on the floor and could not get up. I actually could not move at all because I was in so much pain. I couldn't move my arm or my shoulder at all and every little movement I made caused me excruciating pain. So Ken called 911 and the fire department and ambulance came. Because I couldn't move at all, they gently scooted me onto a large blanket that had handles on all the sides, picked me up and placed me onto the gurney. It was the easiest way to get me on the gurney but it hurt like hell. 

I was taken to the ER and had Xrays taken and told that I broken my arm but since it was up near the shoulder that they call that a broken shoulder. But since it was small fractures that weren't displaced that they treat it by putting you in a sling for 4 weeks and start you exercising your arm after 7 days. I'm extremely sensitive to pain medications, they make me sick so I refused any pain meds in the ambulance or at the hospital. The doctor told me that she would give me a strong anti nausea medicine to go with the pain pills and to take that when I got home. Thankfully the anti nausea medicine prevented me from getting sick because I really needed the pain medicine. 

The next day when I saw the orthopedic surgeon he told me the same thing and told me what arm exercises to do at home. I was told it could take 6-8 weeks before I would have full range of motion in my arm again. I broke my right arm and I'm right handed so as you can imagine I had a hard time doing a lot of things. Ken was there to help me the whole time. I even had to sleep sitting up on the couch for the first three weeks after the accident because it hurt too much to lay down. 

But after 4 weeks the pain medicine was no longer really needed and I wanted to stop taking it. So my doctor told me to slowly go from 4 a day to 3 and so on until I was taking none. I did this over a 4 day period and on the day that I stopped taking any of them I found myself feeling really bad. I called my doctor and he came to see me *I have a house call doctor* and he told me that I was experiencing withdrawals. I was sweating, had anxiety, increased heart rate, headache, nausea, cramping, insomnia, restless legs, irritability, mood swings, and depression. This lasted for 4 days. I've never felt so bad and because I've never had a broken bone before or been on pain meds for more than a few days, I'd never experienced anything like this. But it eventually went away.

At 4 weeks I was able to lift my arm just enough to get it on the table to type with both hands. Later that week after exercising my arm more, I was able to lift my arm half way up. By the 6th week, the pain had almost completely gone and I was able to lift my arm almost all the way over my head. Its now been almost 7 weeks and I'm almost 100% back to normal. I found out that they have you start arm exercises right away as soon as you can so that you don't get what is called frozen shoulder. 

When you have your arm in a sling for a long period of time, your muscles weaken, shrink and if you don't start using them a little they will tighten to the point where you can't use them because they are so tight and a doctor might have to surgically repair the tight muscles by cutting them. I didn't want that so even though it hurt like hell, I did the arm exercises and it worked because I can use my arm almost 100% now. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Could Fluoride Be Making Your Pet Sick

*Dusty and Oreo*

In some places fluoride is added to drinking water to help prevent cavities in children. Fluoride is added to toothpaste but there is a warning not to swallow it. Fluoride is also added to some pet foods.

How Fluoride could be making pets sick.

Many dogs and cats that have or have had arthritis, spinal and skeletal deformities may actually have skeletal fluorosis. But because fluoride isn't seen as something that can cause harm in animals most Veterinarians don't even consider this.

Most Veterinarians are not aware that a lot of dog and cat foods contain fluoride and high fluoride levels in pets can cause them health problems. While some scientists who have done research on feed animals know that high levels of fluoride in animals can cause osteoarthritis, kidney disease and even cancer. No one has done research to find out if the fluoride in their water and food is what is causing some of these problems.

Where is my pet getting the fluoride from?

According to the NHF "A low-fluoride commercial dog food contains 40 - 60 parts per million of fluoride. A high-fluoride dog food can contain to 460 parts per million of fluoride. up"

Fluoride is an active ingredient in many pesticides and rodenticides. According to fluoride is found in pesticides such as Tie-Guard, Cobra Salts, Ritter's Roach Powder, Triple-X ant, Roach and Waterbug Powder, Scramo, Robinson Roach Destroyer as well as many, many more.

What you should know.

Pet food manufacturers are not required to list the fluoride levels in pet food. The primary source of fluoride in pet foods is from mineral supplements that are added to the pet food. Some of the words to look for in pet foods are: Defluorinated Phosphate rock. While it says 'defluorinated' it still retains some of the fluoride and is mainly found in the more pricey pet foods.

Raw Soft Phosphate Rock, Mono and Tricalcium Phosphate. The less expensive pet foods are more likely to use these types of fluoride additives. These are made from a mixture of Phosphate Acid and Calcium Carbonate.

If you see these additives on the ingredients list, it might be time to take a look into another form of pet food. Pet food manufacturers might be able to help keep pets healthier just by switching to a different mineral supplement that doesn't contain fluoride.

An easy way to make sure your pet isn't getting fluoride from their drinking water is to fill their bowls, water bottles ect...not from tap water but from bottled spring water instead.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Cover Reveal! Intrigue In The Summer Court by Mistral Dawn

I'm very happy to introduce you all to my friend Mistral Dawn. I've read her first two books and am really looking forward to this one as well. Just look at that beautiful cover! How cute is that bunny, right?

Hey Everyone!!! :-)

I revealed the title at my Facebook party last Saturday, but have you been wondering what the cover of Intrigue In The Summer Court would look like?  Well, here it is!!!! :-)  Julie Nichols is the talented artist who created it, and I, for one, think she did a totally awesome job!!!! :-)  If you're interested in seeing more of her work, you can find her here:

Her prices are very reasonable.  For ebook covers that the author provides the stock photos for and just need her to manipulate the photos and paint over small parts, she only charges $20!  To include a wrap-around cover that can be used for a paperback, she charges $30.  And for custom-painted covers (like the one above) she charges $100, and as you can see they are well worth the price!! :-)

For people just looking for decorations for their home or desk, she is working on a new Amazon store (she says it will be like etsy) where she will be listing her work for sale soon.  In the meantime, you can find her books here: Julie Nichols' Amazon Author Page

Did I mention she's also an amazing novelist?  A woman of many talents!! :-)  The easiest way to contact her for custom artwork is through Facebook. :-)  And besides being wildly talented, she really is a gem! :-) 

So...would you like to see the synopsis for Intrigue In The Summer Court???? ;-)  Here it is:

Jillian just knows something bad is going to happen!  She's been a loyal adviser to the throne and friend of the queen, Briallen, for thousands of years, and now Roni and Uaine's wedding and coronation are to take place in just a couple days.  The Summer Court will have a new king and queen, who can hopefully repair the damage and heal the schism the late king created.  
But Jillian just can't shake the feeling that trouble is brewing.  Many of the Summer nobles aren't happy about the changes that are taking place in the Summer Court, and many of the other Fae just aren't too sure about having a human on the throne...even if she has been blessed by the goddess.  When Angelica, the leader of the Pixies, comes to her with news of a plot to murder the prince and princess, Jillian's suspicions are confirmed.  Will the two of them be able to unravel this conspiracy in time to save the royal couple?  Or will prejudice prevail, and the hope for peace in Fairie be lost forever?

Huh, sounds pretty dire, what do you think? ;-)  Would you like to read some excerpts?  Check these out! :-)

And don't forget to stay tuned for the release announcement!!!! :-)  Coming Soon! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Destined For Genius by Amelia James and a Giveaway

Tired of the shade? Want some fun with your heat? From the dorky, dirty mind of Amelia James, author of Tell Me You Want Me and Home Is Where the Heat Is…
Destined for Genius – a trashy romantic comedy coming July 27, 2015!


Kurt Langston spent one night of hot, decadent sex with the love of his life. But she chose someone else. He's sworn off relationships for good, preferring the company of online friends he's never met, his only connections made through the internet. So when Destiny falls into his arms—literally—he lets her go. Love has no place in his life plan.

Destiny D'argo has no plans. No goal, no future aspirations. Just wing it. Her graphic design business pays the bills—barely—and her part-time waitress job fulfills her minimal need for personal interaction. She has no use for schedules or commitments, especially to a guy who happened to make a lucky catch. So why can't she stop thinking about Kurt?

Their paths intersect again and again, and they can't keep their hands off each other. Neither one of them wants this, but fate doesn't seem to care. Can a free-spirited artist make a real connection with a structured computer genius? Or are they doomed from the start?

Coming July 27, 2015!

About the Author:
I got hooked on trashy romance novels in junior high, but my mom took them away from me. But she couldn’t stop me from daydreaming. After I got married, I wrote some of my naughtier daydreams down and sent them to Playgirl magazine. Two of them got published. I kept daydreaming and writing stories until my dirty stories turned into trashy books.

I live in Colorado, but I’ll always be a loyal Wisconsin Cheesehead. When I’m not lusting after my next bad boy hero, I’m looking for inspiration in sci-fi and action movies, football players, morally ambiguous lawyers, muscle cars, and kick-butt chicks.

Google +:
Good Reads:

Giveaway: this is the Rafflecopter code. The giveaway begins on 7/13 and ends on 7/28. The prize package is: a $25 Amazon gift card, a Trashy keychain, and two Amelia James chocolate bars.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


“You’ve never fucked a stranger just for fun?”

“Fucking is always fun.” The small smile blossomed under his declaration, so he pulled her arms free and draped them around his waist. “There was this one girl in college, at a frat party—”

“They have fraternities for geeks?” She clamped her mouth shut as soon as the words spilled out.

He dragged the pad of his thumb over her lips, and they immediately softened. Kurt made a note to thank JT for teaching him that trick. “I had to maintain a three point seven five GPA to be a member.”

She slid her hands into his back pockets again. “And you had...?”

Access granted. “Three point nine seven.” He rested his hands on her shoulders and slipped his fingers under her short sleeves, caressing her warm skin.

“Ooo... Genius.” She squeezed his butt.

Kurt winced. “Don’t call me that.” Hearing her say the nickname his friend had given him conjured images he’d rather not face at the moment.

She raised an eyebrow, but didn’t argue. “Okay. What about the girl?”

“Huh?” The only girl he wanted was currently tugging his zipper and creating havoc with his memory. “Oh her.” The previous data came back to him. “We got a little drunk and had sex in the hot tub, right in the middle of the party. No one knew.”

“I’m sure everyone knew.” She finally managed to slide his zipper down, dragging her fingers along his erection as she did it.

Fireworks exploded in his pants, but Kurt couldn’t let her do all the touching. He dragged his hand down her back and snuck it under her shirt. She’d put it on without caging those cute bare tits in a bra. Maybe he could steal another squeeze. “Yeah, you’re probably right. I never got her name. Never saw her again.”

“Why can’t I be like her?” She rested her butt against the wall, effectively pulling away from him.

His hand froze, but when she arched her back, he realized she was giving him more room to move, not trying to stop him. “Well, for one thing, you’re much prettier.” He reached up and cupped her bare breast.

She pressed into his palm. “Really?”

“Oh yeah, all these wild curls,” he slid his other hand into her hair, “so soft. Your deep brown eyes, soft brown skin. Wow, you’re cozier than my favorite pillow.”

She looked at him like he’d said Han Solo shot Greedo in self-defense, but then the skepticism faded and she smiled.

“And your smile could power the Death Star’s shield generator.” Rein it in, dork. He dragged his thumb over her nipple.

“That’s a compliment, right?”

“Big one.”

She reached down between his legs. “So is this.”

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Victoza Review- Living With Type 2 Diabetes

About 6 months ago I was told I had type 2 diabetes and my doc started me on Metformin to bring my blood glucose numbers down but it didn't work my A1C actually went up from 8.1 to 10.1 so he decided to try something else and gave me this. It's called Victoza and it's an injectable pen prefilled with the medicine. 

All I have to do is turn the dial on the end there to the number that my doctor wants me to have and then give myself a shot. If you've never used an injectable pen they are really easy to use. You have to load the pen when you first use it but you only have to do that once for each new pen. You dial in the mark they tell you too and press the plunger and then it's ready to be used. You just take the cap off the pen, take the paper off the pen needle and place the plastic end over the pen so that your needle is now attached to the pen. 

Then you screw on the plastic needle cap to the pen and pull off the plastic safety cap. 

After you pull off the plastic safety cap there's a small plastic tube that you have to pull off after you have dialed in the amount of medicine that you are supposed to inject. 

After pulling that plastic tube off you just put the needle into your upper leg, stomach or arm and press the plunger and hold it for 7 seconds and then pull the needle out. As you can see, the needle is tiny. I could barely get a good picture of it. I don't even feel the needle going in. 

I've now been on this medicine for about a month and I take my blood sugar levels 3 times a day and they have steadily been coming down which is awesome. When I first started this medicine my fasting blood sugar numbers were around 250 and now they are around 130 which is so much better. One of the other advantages of this medicine is that it's a powerful appetite suppressant and I noticed about a week after I started taking this that my appetite and the amount of food that I could eat at meals was diminishing. 

I'm going to be frank and also tell you that there are some cons to this medicine also. One of the biggest and I've read in the forums of people talking about taking this medicine that constipation is a problem. But if you change your diet to include foods high in fiber this will help relieve the problem. 

All in all, I am happy with the results I am seeing from this medicine and happy that my blood sugar numbers are steadily going down. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Review: Target Beauty Box

Target has a beauty box that you can sign up for each month but supplies are limited and they run out really fast. The boxes are just $5 each and they have at least $20 worth of products in them. I've been trying for 3 months to be able to get one of these boxes but they are usually out by the time I hear about them. But not this month (July). 

It comes in a really nice box which I kept because I'm sure I can find something to store in this box. But I was really happy with all the different products that came in this box this month. For just $5, you really can't beat this offer. Have you signed up and received one of these Target Beauty boxes yet?

In my box I received: 

Fashion Tape
Cucumber cleansing cloths
Herbal Essence's Dry Oil Spray for shiny hair
Pumice stone
Goody Ouchless hair ties
Max Volume Mascara
Cover Girl Lip Gloss

I was also able t get the second beauty box Target offered at the same time. Supplies are limited and they go fast so I was happy to get both of them and at just $5 a piece, that's a pretty good deal. Here's what was in this box...

1. Bathery Delicate Bath Pouf
2. John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7-Day Treatment
3. Olay White Strawberry Body Wash
4. NYX Butter Gloss Strawberry Parfait
5. Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics
6. CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Primer
7. Burt’s Bees White Tea Facial Wipes

And yes, my dog Falcor was keeping an eagle eye on that bath pouf. I think he thought it was a dog toy. lol 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Freebie Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Freebie Friday, where I tell you what free samples and full sized products I received in the mail and how you can get them too. Someone asked me why I do a 'Freebie Friday" each week, so I'll tell you.

A while back I listed all the free samples and wins that I had received that previous year and so many people didn't believe that I could have gotten so many free things. So I decided to prove it by taking a picture every week and sharing the sites that I found the links to the freebies at. So now you too can get great free samples coming to your mailbox each week.

  You can find links to samples like these at Hey It's Free and Freebie Shark.
Did you know you can sign up at Tomoson and get free products too. You can also sign up at these sites and get products at a great discount. No Kidding CouponsAMZ Review Trader, and Elite Deal Club.

This week I received a box of freebies from PinchMe.
A sample bottle of Secret Deodorant
2 different lotions
Zzzquil sleep aid

I also received this mini Snuggle Bear from The Snuggle Bear Den. For my mission with the bear I'm supposed to take fun summer pictures with the bear and send them to the site. After I'm done with that I'll be giving the bear to my grandson.