Saturday, July 30, 2016

Product Review: Large Capacity Multi-functional Canvas Backpack by KAUKKO

Product Description

COMPACT. Folds into zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere. Unfolds from pocket to backpack. Must have on every trip.

MULTI COMPARTMENTS. Features a classic shape with several pockets for storage and organization. This backpack has a roomy main compartment, 1* front zipper pockets to hold small accessories, one internal security zippered pocket for valuable items and two side pockets for water bottle or umbrella.

LIGHTWEIGHT(2.1Pounds) and ROOMY. A true space saver.11.02*5.90*18.50 inche(L*W*H),28*15*47cm(L*W*H). Stuff the bag into its own pocket for storage---no extra fees, and unzip it when you reach your destination. Avoid overweight charges, simply unfold from your luggage and use it as a carry on for your excess baggage.

This is a nice size backpack and with all the different zippered and pocket compartments, it's sure to hold everything you need. 

The zipper on the front when unzipped, lets this backpack expand for even more storage room. 

Inside there are several pockets and I put my Acer laptop inside this and it fit no problems, so if you need to take along your laptop it will fit inside this backpack easily. 

There's more than enough room inside this backpack for a laptop, phones or other devices that you might need to bring along. It's nicely made and seems sturdy, so I'm not worried about it ripping or coming apart at the seams. I always have several backpacks around in case someone needs one when they go hiking or camping or whatever. 

Disclosure: I was sent this backpack at a deep discount in exchange for an honest review. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Freebie Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Freebie Friday, where I tell you what free samples and full sized products I received in the mail and how you can get them too. Someone asked me why I do a 'Freebie Friday" each week, so I'll tell you.

A while back I listed all the free samples and wins that I had received that previous year and so many people didn't believe that I could have gotten so many free things. So I decided to prove it by taking a picture every week and sharing the sites that I found the links to the freebies at. So now you too can get great free samples coming to your mailbox each week.

  You can find links to samples like these at Hey It's Free and Freebie Shark.
Did you know you can sign up at Tomoson and get free products too. You can also sign up at these sites and get products at a great discount. No Kidding CouponsAMZ Review Trader, and Elite Deal Club.

This week I received:

Kotex tampons and liners.

Did you receive any freebies this week?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan

Book Description

The #1 New York Times bestselling “queen of paranormal romance”* is back with a sexy new series starring a Chicago crime family that hides a dark, mystical secret...

Whether it’s fast cars or fast women, Stefano Ferraro gets what he wants. When he’s not fodder for the paparazzi, he commands Ferraro family businesses—both legitimate and illegitimate.

While their criminal activity is simply a rumor yet to be proven, no one knows the real truth. The Ferraros are a family of shadow riders capable of manipulating light and dark, an ability Stefano thought ran in his family alone—until now…

With little left to her name, Francesca Cappello has come to Chicago in hopes of a new life. She wasn’t expecting to attract the attention of a man with primal hunger in his eyes, driven to claim her as his to protect and to please. And if he discovers her secret, it could ruin her...

My Review

I've loved Christine Feehan's books for many years so when I saw she had a new series, I knew I had to read it. This is the first book in The Shadow Series. 

Francesca ran away from her life with a little help from her best friend and now she's living near her best friend and hoping her friend can help her get a job and get back on her feet. Something terrible happened to her and she's scared that someone else might find out and then the people after her will find out where she is and she'll have to run again. 

Stefano takes care of his family, his town and those living in his town. He's got the respect of everyone living under his protection and some even fear him and his family. He's rich, good looking and lethal. A potent combination for sure. He was on his way out when his gut told him to stay and he's glad he listened because right away he knew that Fransesca was his. 

Stefano and his family get hired to help or get rid of people that only they can get to. Their family has a secret...they can ride the shadows, unseen, unheard until it's too late. You can't run from them because as long as there's a shadow, they can get to you. Which makes them very deadly or very handy...depending on why they get hired. 

Stefano is used to getting his way...all the time. At first it was hard to like him because he's bossy, controlling and will do as he pleases as long as he thinks he's doing it for the right reasons. His brother's are somewhat the same way but he's more feared than they are. I didn't think he really went about getting to know Francesca the right way or letting her know that he was just trying to help her. He gave an order and he expected her to follow it like everyone else would have. He's not used to anyone not doing what he tells them to do. That's why I like her, she doesn't always do what he wants and she even gets in trouble for it but I think that's good for him. He really needs to loosen up a little bit and I hope in the upcoming books in this series that we see him loosen up a little and see that he's not as controlling and stubborn as he seems to be in this book. 

Stefano finds out her secret and helps her get rid of the bad people who have invaded her life and her nightmares. This is a dark, gritty story and the characters oftentimes come off as brash, controlling and domineering. The only saving grace for Stefano and his brother's domineering attitude towards women and those they protect, is the fact that you can really tell they love those around them. They really do care what happens to the people in the town and they go out of their way to make sure everyone, even the homeless woman is taken care of. If you look past their attitudes and bossy natures, you will see a very caring family. Even Stefano's mother had a scene where we get a small look into why she's the way she is. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing how the other brother's find their women and how the sister is treated when she finds the man she wants to marry. I already have an idea who she's going to be marrying and if you really read between the lines while carefully reading this book, I bet you will too and I know they'll be fireworks when the brother's find out. I can't wait. If you'd like to read this one for yourself, you can find it here

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Favorite Picture of the Week

A couple of weeks ago we had a neighbor's dog in our apartment for about an hour while her owner dealt with something. Falcor loved having another dog to play with but Jessica wasn't really into playing. She really just walked around sniffing everything or sat by me and watched Falcor totally freak out. My poor dog didn't know how to act. He started running really fast around the living room table or he'd come sniff her and run away and run back wanting her to play but she just wasn't having it. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review: Runaway Vampire by Lynsay Sands

Book Description

Buckle up—the argeneaus are back in a sexy, witty new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands

Dante Notte has heard it said that love hurts. He just wasn’t expecting it to run him over in an RV. Still, a punctured lung and broken ribs are nothing compared to the full-body shock he feels whenever he’s near the vehicle’s driver, Mary Winslow. He needs to keep her safe from their pursuers while he rescues his brother. Most challenging of all, he needs to claim this smart, stubborn woman as his life mate.

The naked, injured, insanely gorgeous younger man who clambered into her RV insists they belong together. If Mary wasn’t feeling their incredible connection in every inch of her being, she wouldn’t believe it. But now that the men who took Dante’s twin are after her too, trusting her gut means risking her life for an immortal who’s the very definition of a perfect stranger.

My Review

Dante is on the run and in search of his twin brother who's been kidnapped. He's on the run...literally and runs right into an RV that runs him over. If he hadn't been immortal, he would have been killed. But then, if he didn't have the powers he has like speed, strength ect, he wouldn't have been running fast enough to be hit by the RV in the first place. After getting hit and the RV stops, he climbs into the back of the RV and sleeps until he can get more blood in order to heal himself. 

Mary is in her 60's, her cheating, no good husband died not too long ago and she's taking her last RV trip alone. While I felt badly that her husband passed away, I think she's better off without him. He cheated, and even had kids with the women he cheated with. Ugh, what a winner. 

If you haven't read this series, here's the back story on Dante's people. His ancestors are from Atlantis and the scientists made nanos that help their people stay young, strong and healthy. But in order for the nanos to work, they need blood. So while Dante isn't the usual type of vampire, he drinks blood and is immortal. The way they drink blood is even cool. Their fangs descend and they slap a bag of blood onto their fangs. The blood is then sucked into the body via the fangs. They don't have to actually drink the blood. 

While I liked that Mary and Dante got time to get to know one another, I did find the first half of the book rather slow and boring. Things didn't really start to get exciting until about half way through the book and then it was a much easier book to read. I've been reading this series for quite a while, so when I won this book in a blog contest I was thrilled. Now I'm glad I didn't buy it because while it was ok, it wasn't a great addition to the series. One of the other things that bothered me was there really wasn't much going on in this story. Dante's brother has been kidnapped and he's searching for him but they really don't do much searching or trying to do anything other than get away from the bad guys chasing him. And they don't find his brother by the end of this book. If that gets added at the beginning of the book, then it's one of the plots of the book that should be wrapped up by the end of the book. At least in my opinion. If you'd like to read this book yourself, you can find it here

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Raturday!

"This tastes healthy." 

"Happy Birthday to me." 

"I'm very happy, can you tell." 

"Why yes, I'll share your ice cream with you." 

These are all pictures of my past rats. 

Hey guys I'm sorry about earlier. I have no idea why all the pictures disappeared. LOL 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Product Review: Portable Pet Carrier Soft Sided Small Animal Carriers Travel Tote Bag

Product Description

Color: Blue Color


1. Size: 39*18*29CM (L*W*H) / 15.3*7*11.4inch (L*W*H)

2. Design for small pets, dogs, cats, rabbits etc, pets up to 5 pounds.

3. Color: Blue, Brown, Pink.

4. Your pet can travel in style when you use this soft-sided, tote-style pet carrier.

5. The zippered top opening makes it easy for you to place your small pet inside when its time to hit the road, and the mesh pockets on either end help you keep your pet's leash, treats, and other supplies close at hand. 

6. You'll make any journey an easy, breezy, and stylish one when you carry your cat, small dog, or other small animal in this top handle pet carrier tote.

Top with solid flap zipped. 

Top so you can see the mesh top under the solid flap. 

The side with the zipper and flap open. 

View from the top. There are also 4 breathing holes inside the carrier. 

Removable pad. 

My Review

This is the first pet carrier for dogs and cats that I've ever had and I thought it would be a bit bigger. I have a small 10lb dog and thought that this would be an excellent thing to have for him just in case, but he's too big for it. The description does say that it's for pets up to 5 pounds, so keep that in mind if you buy this. I think unless you have a very small chihuahua type dog, this isn't going to work for most dogs. It might work for small cats and/or rabbits though. If I get rats, hamsters or other small animals this might work as a carrier for them as well.

It's very sturdy and put together really well. Since this pet carrier is airline approved and will fit under a seat, this is a more reliable way to fly with a pet because I wouldn't want to have my pet go in the cargo hold, I've heard to many horror stories about pets that fly that way. 

 I've also seen people on the city transit bus and as long as they have their pets in an animal carrier they can bring them on the bus. So this could really come in handy if the need arises and it has a nice removable pad on the bottom for easy clean up and to make laying down a little more comfortable for them. If you'd like to purchase one of these for yourself, you can find it here

Disclosure: I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Product Review: JOJO's, Guilt Free 70% Dark Chocolate Bark, All Natural Protein Raw Nuts and Dried Cranberries

Product Description

JOJO's Story 
When Jodie Jones (Jojo) was diagnosed with breast cancer, she realized she needed to start looking for healthier alternatives. After meeting with a man who had recently lost 50lbs from a strict diet while eating one piece of dark chocolate bark everyday, she decided to try it herself. 
After many different recipes and testing she created what today we call JOJO'S Chocolate Bark. 
Our goal since the beginning has been to help all health conscious individuals kick their sugar cravings with something healthy and delicious. We believe that enjoying one healthy-delicious snack a day will keep you on your path to a healthier lifestyle. 

Health Benefits of JOJO's 
We don't settle for anything less than high quality, great taste, and filling snacks. JOJO's is packed with antioxidants, fiber, Iron, and Magnesium. Our goal is to always stay low in sugar so that we can make sure to kick your sugar craving with the best tasting natural super snack. With the great mix of dark chocolate and nuts we bring the best two possible snacks into one super snack to help fight those sugar cravings. 

• Boost in Brain Power 
• Heart Healthy 
• Packed with antioxidants 
• Satisfies quickly 
• NON-GMO Casein Protein 
• Gluten Free 
• No Highs or Lows(helps keep blood sugar balanced) 
• Paleo Friendly 
• 70% dark chocolate(Chocolate liquor, sugar, Chocolate Liquor processed with Alkali, Coco Butter, vanilla) 
• All Natural NON-GMO Casein Protein 
• Raw Almonds 
• Raw Pistachios 
• Dried Cranberries(cranberries, sugar, vegetable oil) 

JOJO's goal is to help you enjoy life by giving you the best tasting healthy snack to kick those nagging sugar cravings.

My Review
I'm a huge fan of anything chocolate and if it's dark chocolate that's even better as far as I'm concerned. But add in almonds, pistachios and cranberries and this was just excellent. I was so happy when the box arrived and they were packed in styrofoam and an ice pack to keep them from melting because it's been 110F here and I didn't want this chocolate to melt and it didn't. 

These bars are rich and decadent and oh so good tasting. I already love dark chocolate so to get a great tasting bar of it with fruit and nuts was just amazing. If you like dark chocolate and dried cranberries, then you have to try this. While dark chocolate can be a little bitter and I kinda like that bite it has, the sweet dried cranberries added just the right amount of sweetness to the dark chocolate to make it taste even better. If you'd like to buy this, you can find it here

Disclosure: I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. 

When it was delivered, it was securely packed with an ice pack so none of it melted. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Favorite Video of the Week

Ok guys, if you don't like swearing or don't like Gordon Ramsey...don't listen to this one. It's pretty darn funny though.

Product Review: Folger's Coffeehouse Blend Coffee

This is a good coffee, it's Med Dark roast and so there's a nice rich flavor without being bitter. My husband likes the darker roasts as well and is very satisfied with this free canister I got from Crowdtap. We hadn't tried this particular blend until I received this and we both liked it. I have a coffee press so it's easy to make 1 or 2 cups and vary the strength for each of us. He likes his really strong and I like mine very weak and with lots of milk and sugar. I've always liked the aroma of coffee and this one smells good as well. 

Disclosure: I received this product for free from Crowdtap in exchange for an honest review. 

Freebie Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Freebie Friday, where I tell you what free samples and full sized products I received in the mail and how you can get them too. Someone asked me why I do a 'Freebie Friday" each week, so I'll tell you.

A while back I listed all the free samples and wins that I had received that previous year and so many people didn't believe that I could have gotten so many free things. So I decided to prove it by taking a picture every week and sharing the sites that I found the links to the freebies at. So now you too can get great free samples coming to your mailbox each week.

  You can find links to samples like these at Hey It's Free and Freebie Shark.
Did you know you can sign up at Tomoson and get free products too. You can also sign up at these sites and get products at a great discount. No Kidding CouponsAMZ Review Trader, and Elite Deal Club.

This week I received:

A sample of Fiber Choice Flavor Drops

A Bottle of lotion with spf 30 to test at home and then fill out a survey questionnaire. Like a couple of weeks ago, I had to blank out the code number and other survey info because I'm not allowed to share that. I sometimes get unmarked bottles or packages or things to test out and give my opinions about. I once received 2 huge packs of Oreos and all they wanted to know was which one I liked better. If a new product is about to be released into the market, testers like myself will sometimes get it first to let them know what to fix if anything.

I also received a $5 Amazon gift card from crowdtap.

Did you receive any freebies this week?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Product Review: Scented Bath Bombs Gift Set, 6 Large Handmade Fizzies 4.5oz, Made in USA

Product Description
Daily stress is wearing you out. Spa sessions are expensive and have to be booked in advance. How does one get a little pampering instantly? Marilyn bathed in champagne, but for the rest of us, there are these bath bombs. This bath bombs gift set allows you to have a luxurious spa experience in seconds. Let these bath bombs soothe your body, moisturize the skin, and melt away stress. 

Fill your bathtub with water at desired temperature. Unwrap a bath ball and drop into water. Get into tub, lay back and let the fragrance envelope you. For a spa-like experience, dim lights (or use a few candles), set some soft music in the background before getting in the tub. 

Soak after a long workout or simply as a pick-me-up. You'll find yourself reaching for a bath bomb at the end of the work week. When there is a special occasion such as a big party or a date night, soak with a bath bomb to start your night right. Let the fragrance put you in a relax, calm state of mind. You will emerge feeling radiant and unstoppable! 

Each bath bomb is formed by hand with locally sourced ingredients. The handmade process ensures each bath ball has the right density. They are carefully packaged in sturdy gift boxes. Each box measures 9x6x3 inches. In addition to classic scents such as Lavender and Oatmeal Milk & Honey, this collection offers a few exotic scents such as Red Clover & Tea, Plumeria and Asian Pear. 

For those who don't know what to give on that all important holiday like valentine's day or mother's day, here is a chance to score points with the ladies in your life. Bath enthusiast and first timer alike will enjoy these fragrance bath fizzies. 

Treat yourself or your love ones. And you might want to make a sign on your bathroom door that say "do not disturb"!

My Review

If you've never tried a bath bomb, then you're in for a treat. This is actually my first experience with bath bombs but it was a blast to use them. They come in a nice sturdy box and are individually packaged inside the box. Each has a nice scent but when you drop one into a tub of water, they start to fizz and release all the fragrance into the water and air of the bathroom. Each one has a different scent and they really do smell good. I smelled good after taking a bath in the water scented with one and when you're done you just let the water out of the tub, I didn't have a ring around my tub from the bath bomb at all. 

I'll definitely be trying more of these in the future and know that this would make a great gift for that woman in your life. If you'd like to purchase this product, you can find it here

Disclosure: I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.