Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I don't make Resolutions anymore. I don't see the point, why set myself up for fail, right? So a few years ago I decided not to make anymore resolutions and I actually stuck with it. LOL So this year I am making some resloutions that I can actually stick to.

Eat Less Healthy- That's right, no more salad, no more tofu (Yeah like I've ever tasted that stuff!) and no more sugar free anything. If I was suppossed to be eating sugar free and taste free foods, I would have been born a rabbit!

Go Outside Less- There's no need for me to go outside anymore. With the internet I can have all my food delivered, have the paper delivered, but all my extras and personal things from Amazon and have them delivered and pay someone to bring me Pizza once a month.

Do less Laundry- I just figured if I'm not going outside, I'll never get dirty! So who needs to do laundry again, my clothes will never need washing.

Exercise Less- Of course this goes along with not going outside. So I can stay home watch tv, catch up on my movies and books and become the couch potato I was meant to be.

Become the Crazy Rat lady- I only have 4 rats right now, but I know there are dozens of rats that need homes right now. So I better tell Ken to get to building all those shelves for all those cages we are going to be needing. He may even need to find his own place beause there might not be room enough for him in bed with me and the rats.

Stalk my neighbors- I have binoculars and I know how to use them .

Spend less time on the Phone- With all the couch potatoing, movie watching, book reading and pizza eating I'll be doing, who has time to talk on the phone!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Shower Caddy

Recently we decided to fix up our bathroom, we bought paint, stickers, new shower curtain but still need to get a few things to spruce it up a bit more. We used to have a forest full of butterflies on the wall but Ken didn't like them so he painted over them the last time we changed the colors in the bathroom.

We've even bought paint for the bedroom and I have all sorts of things in my wishlist to get for the bedroom, including wall clings, a tv and tv stands. I've already bought 2 really nice throw rugs for the bedroom because they matched the dark green paint we are putting on the walls in there. But we decided to fix up the bathroom first and so I am thinking of getting a few more things to make it more comfortable. I recently came across this Zenith Corner Tub and Shower Caddy.

I am loving this and because it's white, it fits with the light green we have choosen to paint the bathroom. We already have a white, free standing cabinet and Ken is going to pain the wood cabinet that hangs on the wall in the bathroom, white as well.

So what do you guys think, pretty cute, eh?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scizotypal Personality Disorder

I had someone on Fb ask me, "You're a little bit crazy, huh?" I kinda laughed it off but the fact is, yes I kinda am. I was diagnosed with Schizotypal Personality Disorder more than 15 years ago from a Psychiatrist who sent me to see a Psychologist. I was in therapy for years and after all that therapy for depression as well, I came to the conclusion that this is just who I am and I am fine with that. So why am I trying to change? It was everyone else to had the problem, not my problem anymore. If you don't like me, don't like the way I am...walk away..I don't care, it won't bother me in the slightest.

So what is Scizotypal Personality Disorder? Good question.

People with schizotypal personality disorder are often described as odd or eccentric, and usually have few, if any, close relationships. They generally don't understand how relationships form, leading to severe anxiety and a tendency to turn inward in social situations.

In schizotypal personality disorder, people also exhibit odd behaviors, respond inappropriately to social cues and hold peculiar beliefs.

Schizotypal personality disorder typically begins in early adulthood and is likely to endure, though symptoms may improve with age. Schizotypal Personality Disorder is a condition characterized by acute discomfort with, and reduced capacity for, close relationships as well as by cognitive or perceptual distortions and eccentricities of behavior. This disorder is only diagnosed when these behaviors become persistent and very disabling or distressing.

In response to stress, individuals with this disorder may experience very brief psychotic episodes (lasting minutes to hours). If the psychotic episode lasts longer, this disorder may actually develop into Brief Psychotic Disorder, Schizophreniform Disorder, Delusional Disorder or Schizophrenia. Individuals with this disorder are at increased risk for Major Depressive Disorder. Other Personality Disorders (especially Schizoid, Paranoid, Avoidant, and Borderline) often co-occur with this disorder.

Symptoms of Schizotypal Personality Disorder
Schizotypal personality disorder is characterized by a pattern of social and interpersonal deficits marked by acute discomfort with, and reduced capacity for, close relationships as well as by cognitive or perceptual distortions and eccentricities of behavior, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

•Ideas of reference (excluding delusions of reference)

•Odd beliefs or magical thinking that influences behavior and is inconsistent with subcultural norms (e.g., superstitiousness, belief in clairvoyance, telepathy, or "sixth sense"; in children and adolescents, bizarre fantasies or preoccupations)

•Unusual perceptual experiences, including bodily illusions

•Odd thinking and speech (e.g., vague, circumstantial, metaphorical, overelaborate, or stereotyped)

•Suspiciousness or paranoid ideation

•Inappropriate or constricted affect

•Behavior or appearance that is odd, eccentric, or peculiar

•Lack of close friends or confidants other than first-degree relatives

•Excessive social anxiety that does not diminish with familiarity and tends to be associated with paranoid fears rather than negative judgments about self

So this may answer some questions about me, eh?

Friday, December 10, 2010

A little scare

I've been trying to get a hold of my mother on the phone for the past 2 days and so when the phone rang this morning and I see on the caller ID that is was the hospital I had a bad feeling it was my mother and sure enough it was. Thankfully she is fine but she had to call an ambualnce last night because she has an asthma attack and her allergies and COPD were causing her more problems.

I hate seeing on the caller ID that it's from the local hospital, because more times than not it's my mom calling to tell me she is there. I'm glad she is getting better and that she didn't break anything this time.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas tree is up

I finally got out my boxes and unpacked all y little goodies, all 8 boxes of them and put my Christmas Tree up. That's right, Christmas Tree, not Holiday Tree or any other politically correct term the idiots of the world are using this year.