Wednesday, May 16, 2007

bad survey places

You know I've been taking online surveys for years and getting pretty good rewards, prizes, cash ect..from them. I even have a bunch I do through the mail, so when my daughter asked me to help her find one she could do I did. I thought it was a good one too, she's been doing the survey's with them for over a year and last year got a $25.00 gift card when she cashed in ehr points.

Well last week when she tried logging in to do her monthly survey, she couldn't log in instead she got a message stating her account had been deactivated. They never even emailed her to tell her this. She has several thousand points saved up from the last years surveys that she was saving to get a bigger prize.

I helped her email them and they sent her back an email stating that her informatiion was no longer needed, that since her help was no longer needed her account had been deactiveated and she looses all her points. Now is that fair.?

They gave her a link to the terms of service that states what they did was in there and that she agreed to it when she signed up.

Is the link to the site, I wanted to warn others not to sign up for this site. They will rip you off.

Yeah I've posted this several times, on my blogs and I'm going to continue to post this every so often because poeple should know there are survey places out there that will scam you. It's not right that she lost 11 months worth of survey points because they decided to deactivate her account. They should have at the very least let her cash in her points.