Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm a Winner!

I've been reading all sorts of books, even ebooks that I have won. Since I don't have an ereader like a Kindle or Nook, so I read all the ebooks I get on my computer. But I really don't mind, I'm going to be on my computer anyway, may as well read a book I've won and enter a few more contests.

I've been on a roll lately winning on some of the blog contests that I entered. Recently I have won:

2 books from Hanging with Bells

1 Book from Sizzling Hot Books

6 Books from When Midnight Comes

I also won a mystery prize from Shiloh Walker's Forum

And I won a mystery prize from Heidi Betts Yahoo group

I'm so excited ya'll, I can't wait to get all these books in the mail and start reading. It's been a very good week for me.