Tuesday, August 30, 2005

little extra

My husband won a couple hundred dollars playing the slot machines yesterday. So after buying a few things we needed, we both took $50.00 for ourselves. So now I'm wondering what to go and spend it on. I've made a list of things I want to get and I always have it on hand. Cause it never fails. When I get a little money to play around with I can't think of anything I really wanted until I spent the money and then think damn, I should have got that. LOL
So I'm either going to go refresh my book supply or I'm going to go to Joannes and michaels and see what sort of halloween goodies they have on sale. Although amazon.com seems to ahve really good prices on halloween stuff right now. I need more statues and stuff to go on my shelves this year.
Well, ok. Now I just made up my mind what I'll be getting. LOL
I saw a statue of a grimm reaper at amazon for 12.99 and I think I'll start off and get that or maybe 2 of them...one for each side of the book shelf. Ok, I'm off to buy scary things....wheeeee