Sunday, September 04, 2011

Dear Spammers

I have several email addresses because I use each one for something different. The first one I ever got, I still have. That was a long time ago and I get so damn much spam on that email address it's not even funny. My hubby and I used to use this one together because we didn't know way back when that we could both get a different one. Crazy...I know.

So each day i go to my email inbox and flush the spam...but have you ever really looked at what they are sending you? No? Well, I did and it scared me...the world is a scary place now a days. There are people that want me to have a penis enlargement, a home mortgage, lip implants, breast implants, facial reconstruction and then they also want me to sue for having the penis enlargement if something went wrong, sue the breast implant doctor for making them too big and then this Prince somewhere in the middle east tells me I've got an inheritance of 10 million dollars if only I would contact him and deposit this check into my account and send him a small portion of it.

Now thankfully I am not an idiot and I have never had a penis so there's no need for an enlargement and I've never had anything injected, implanted or otherwise transformed in my body so there's no need to sue anyone over it. And I am seriously not sending some idiot my name rank and serial number so he can take my identity and never send me the millions he said was coming to me.

But that's me, there are enough gullible people out there that are doing these things that keep these scammers in business and make it worth their time to keep sending out the spam. I wish there was a way to get rid of the spammers.