Saturday, May 07, 2011

I broke the toilet!

For those of you that don't know...I slipped and fell on a bathroom rug I had near the toilet and fell on the brand new toilet Ken installed less than 2 months ago. When I fell on it...I broke it! That's right..I broke the toilet. So Ken called our managers and they said they would send another toilet over and Ken agree'd to install this one too. They didn't even charge us for the new toilet. how nice was that? So here are a few pictures of Ken taking out the old toilet that I broke and replacing it...

Here's the toilet that I broke after being taken outside. The broken pice is inside.

Plumber's crack! Ahahahahaha Ken's going to kill me if he ever see's this. *totally worth it!*

Here's Ken taking the old wax ring up and cleaning up the old caulking.

Ken looking at me and telling me I better not break the new toilet. lol

Ken putting a cup underneath the hose that kept leaking even with the water shut off.

Here's the poor toilet that I broke. You can see the huge chunk missing from the bottom.

 See where that missing piece is supposed to be? Yep, I broke it.