Saturday, January 14, 2012

How To Make Bill Collectors Stop Contacting You

Here's how you get debt collectors to stop calling you. Write the collection company a letter, telling them that you are requesting they cease and desist any phone calls to your residence or business.

*Don't* make any threats. *Don't* acknowledge the debt. Just tell them to stop contacting you. They *have* to stop calling you or they're in violation of federal law and you can then get the Federal Trade Commission after them.

Even if you're on the Do Not Call list, a collection agency can still call you if they think you owe them money. But writing a letter to them should stop that foolishness. You can file complaints all day and they won't listen until you've written that all-important letter. And it has to be in writing.

Just print this form, fill it out and send it to them. They are allowed to call or write to you one time to let you know they received the letter and will not contact you again. The only problem is with most collection agencies, they will just hand the bill over to another collection agency and you will have to send another letter to the new one as well. But at least you will not have the phone calls.

Here's what to write in the letter.

To: *The name and address of the collection agency*
Re: Account with *The original creditor*
Account Number from the original creditor

Notice to cease communication

This is to advise you that pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you are hereby notified to immediately terminate any contact with me, or any member of my family or household, regarding any matter concerning the collection of a debt you allege is owed to your company or to your principal/company/client the original creditor noted above. This notice shall include but is not limited to written correspondence, as well as telephonic communication. You are advised that I simply wish you to cease all communication (Mail, phone calls or other) with me or any member of my family or household. This includes my place of employment. I do not admit any debt or deny any liability on the debt. I just want you to stop contacting me.

I intent to keep a log of any phone calls or other contacts you make to me after today. I am aware that further communications by you will make you liable for sums up to $1000, plus actual damages and counsel fees. You may contact me to tell me you are ceasing communication, once.


*Your name*

My Address is: