Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaving- It isn't just about your beard anymore...

I was thinking..I know that's really scary, right? But I was thinking, why do some people shave their pubes? When did this become the thing to do? How many people actually do this? I mean it must be a really big fad to have so many salons willing to let you get naked, lie down on their tables with your feet up to your chin and rip away the hair by waxing you down there. Right?

Why do some people go to a complete stranger and ask them to get up close and personal with their "Down stairs hair". Because they are seeing more of you when they do this than your doctor did at your last check up.

So what are the different types of waxing, cutting, trimming methods? Well there's natural...of course that means you still have to take a shower and wash that stuff..But does anyone make a shampoo for pubic hair? I'd be surprised if someone didn't, now that I think of it.

Then there's the 'strip' where just a landing strips worth of hair is left and it kinda looks like a landing strip...lol

Then there's the Brazilian...ouch! Wax on Wax Off...You better have your big girl panties on for this one, cause that bitch is gonna hurt. Riiiiip!

Then if anyone has ever watched any of those old Porn movies from the 70's and 80's..Oh you know the ones...The ones with the Boom chick a chick mow mow, Bow chicka wow wow porn music. You have seen the afro bush...everyone seemed to have it.

The There's the Hollywood, which leaves you with no hair at all. Nothing, nada..no where.
But wait! There's more! How about a butterfly, a birdie or a starfish carved out with your pubic hair. Yes, and they can even dye it different colors for you.

And lastly you can have a Vajazzle! That's where they glue little gems right about...your gem...lol I kid you not...there's so much more than just washing and drying now a days. Getting a little waxing seems so tame, right? Yeah, I didn't think so...lol