Friday, September 04, 2009

Are you getting the Swine Flu vaccine?

I've alreayd decided not to get it and not to get my daughter vaccinated with it. My husband probably won't get it either. I told my mom not to get it and my dad doesn't like get any shots so I think he won't be getting it.

You may be asking why I'm against getting it?

Well, this vaccine hasn'thad enough time to show what the full set of side effects are going to be over time. I still believe that Autism is linked to childhood vaccines and if I knew then what I know now, I would never have gotten my daughter any of the vaccinations to begin with.

I fully expect that this vaccine will go the same way that so many other have and later on down the line side effects like guienne barre syndrome. Children are still dying form childhood vaccinations all the time or getting brain damage from mixing the wrong vaccinations together.

Some Girls died after getting the HPV vaccine that was suppossed to stop hvp disease. But it only prevents some hpv, not all of it and it's not known how many girls are going to have adverse reactions because enough time wasn't taken to see what the long term effects were going to be on girls before vaccinating so many.

I did not let my doctor give my daughter this vaccination either.

My daughter had chicken pox when she was 5 years old and when we went to the doctor one year to get vaccinations when she was older the doctor wanted to give her the chicken pox vaccination even though she already had the disease and it wasn't needed. You really have to put your foot down with these shot crazed doctors.

If you want to get the shot, just do some reasearch don't just trust what the doctors are telling you is the truth.