Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting to know me *without* pictures

I thought it would be interesting to post pictures and tell you how they relate to me. *And then I deleted all the pictures on my blog that I didn't own* But left this post because it still works even without the pictures..

This first one is a picture of my old rat who died a few years ago. His name was Dusty, he was the third rat I had and having he and his brother really grew my love of rats. I now have 4 male rats and couldn't be happier with them as pets.

I used to be completely afraid of spiders. Now when I find them in my house, I pick them up and take them back outside.

For some weird reason I love grim reapers. I think it comes from my love of Halloween. I would decorate my whole apartment with them but my hubby won't let

Chocolate truffles. They are my favorite treat. I usually buy myself one box at christmas time from a place called Figis, because Figis has the best chocolate truffles I've ever had.

I am constantly listening to music. I listen to music when I am reading, writing, playing on the computer. All the time.

Skulls...I think it's the same fascination that I have with grim reapers that has made me a lover of skulls. I have a rose colored glass skull on my shelf that I find fascinating.

Computers...I am on the computer playing, writing and on fb.

Coffee,'Nuff said. lol

Dragons. I have started collecting dragons and wizards recently. I used to collect Unicorns abut now my collecting has focused to dragons. They are so cool.

I read like a mad woman. I have to many bookshelves in my little apartment that my hubby said we may need to move just so I have a room for just books. lol

Normal? Me? nope...I'm about as crazy as can be and sarcastic as

Bee's....I hate bee's. I have a phobia so bad that I literally can't stand to look at them. lol

More Because they are soo cool.

I like pictures of butterflies. I don't know why, they are so pretty. After we painted the bathroom when we first moved in here, I put rub on butterflies all over my bathroom. When my hubby walked into the bathroom when I was done, he about flipped out. LOL They butterflies stayed for a few years until we painted again.