Friday, January 22, 2010

Technology and young idiots.

I was visiting a site I usually go to once a day and they said they were having problems with people stealing the stuff off their website so they might have to take down the RSS feeds. Well people started whining and saiying they would Have to leave and not come back if they did that. Mostly because they go through their days reading the stuff from teh RSS feeds on their Ipods, balckberry's, or other handheld devices.

What they could be doing is waiting until they get home and seeing the whole site on a regular sized computer but since these whiney assed people have gotten so used to instant gratification and needing everything right now, they whine and complain about it instead.

Technology has come along way since I was a kid and now we can have boiling water in less than a minute, cook a full meal in a bag in the microwave in 5 minutes, pop popcorn in a bag in the microwave in 3 minutes, text friends and family instantly, swipe a credit card instead of writing a check, buy products online with just a few clicks of a mouse and all sorts of other things.

But what would happen if the power went out in a city for more than a few minutes? What would happen if the power went out in let's say a large city like Texas for a whole month because the grid was knocked out because ogf an earthqake, flood, sink hole or other mother nature related incident?

All hell would break loose, that's what would happen. Kids these days don't even know how to build a fire and cook food over it that's not instantly done, they wouldn't ahve their internet, blackberry's, wouldn't be able to talk to anyone without actually walking down the street and talking face to face with someone. How would they get water, warmth, food? How would they pay for things when all their money is in a bank ATM they can't get at? How would social security get people their social security checks to direct deposit when the electricity is down?

Technology has it's advantages, but we need to teach our kids how to live without it too. Just in case of an emergency.