Saturday, January 16, 2010

Have you ever...

There are many things I haven't done. So have you ever....
Gone bungee Jumping?
Flown in an airplane?
Sang in a choir?
Had a child?

I've never been bungee jumping, I mean I would ahve to get all the way up to where you jump off in order to do that? Why the heck would I do that? I'm to afraid of heights to jump off anything. lol

I have flown in an airplane 3 times. never again. The first time I was about 5 years old and my lil brother was 2 years old, all I remember is him crying the entire time. The next tow times I was with hubby and our daughter who was a toddler. We had air turbulence and I'm a big girl so the seat belt didn't fit all the way around me in order to actually click into place. So if we had been in any really bad turbulance I would ahve hit the ceiling. Yeah, sounds like fun to me...NOT!

I have sang in a choir. I was in the school choir from 5th grade to 12th grade. It was the best time in my life. We went to hospitals and sang for the little kids who were sick.

I do have one child. A daughter who is now 18 years old. Wow, when did I get to be so old?

Why do I need it on?

So it's almost 2am. and I'm sitting here on the computer with my headphones on and the tv still on. My hubby comes out of the bedroom and asks why I have the tv on. I tried to explain to him that it feels weird in the living room when it's turned off. I can't feel the tv waves, the sound vibrations, the whatever the heck the tv is giving off and makes me feel better. lol

I don't know exactly what it is but it's calming to have the tv on, even though I put it on mute or just turn the sound down because I'm listeinging to my headphones. I just like it to be on when I'm out here.

So he said it's no different in here with it on than it is with it off. He trned it off and said, see, No difference.

Yeah right, I told him to turn it back on or I would because the room felt empty to me.

How weird is that?