Thursday, April 29, 2010

Been gone for a while

So as you have noticed I've been gone for a while. First I was having or I should say I am still having some problems with computer viruses. We thought we got rid of the virus that stopped our computer from running right and now it's doing the same things it was doing before. I'll be online and all of the sudden my window will disappear.

Now it's doing the same thing after having had a virus scan on my computer and getting rid of a rootkit virus and several trojans on my computer. I may just stop using the computer for a while I'm not sure yet.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Borders Book Store

I went to Borders today and bought a few books. All Romance books of course. But I had to tell this story because it was just too funny.

So I was gathering my books, I bought 5 of them and was looking at Laurel K. Hamilton's books when 2 little old ladies- I think they were about 70 years old...came over to where I was looking and picked up a Vampire book. One lady says to the other, "Oh you have to read this one, it was sooo good." And she gave it to her friend.

Then next thing I hear is...

"OMG, this is making me horny." As the lady reads the back of the book.

They both look behind them and smile at me and ask me, "Do you like Vampire books?"
Of course I answer, "Why yes I do." She holds up the book and I tell her that I already have all of them in that series so far.

I asked her if she has read any of Christine Feehan's books and she said no. So I went and picked out Dark Prince and gave it to her. She read the back and said..."Oh my, I'm getting horny."
The other little old lady reads the back of the book and says she doesn't have any man at home, her husband died ten years earlier but she does have batteries for the 'you know'.

All I wanted to do was get the hell out of there at this point. I am not going to stand around a book store talking to two elderly women about how horny the books make them and how many batteries their vibrators take.

So I smiled and told them to enjoy the books, and I went to pay for my books. As I walked out of the isle I was in, a young men who worked there smiled at me and nodded his head to the little old ladies and said, "They come in at least once a month." and started laughing. So they must talk like that all the time.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What is Vajazzling?

I was going to publish this article I wrote, on Associated Content but they declined it because they said it was either too pornographic or the idea behind this content was obscene. So all you readers get a freebie article. lol

I had to write about this and share it because, really...who is going to vajazzle their privates? Not me.

On a recent episode of The George Lopez Show, Jennifer Love Hewitt announced that she Vajazzles regularly to feel good about her privates. So what exactly is a vajazzle?

What is Vajazzle
It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like it would be. It’s kind of like bedazzling for female genetalia. Completely Bare in NYC is where the vajazzle got started. They called it “Completely Bare With A Flair” before everyone coined the term ‘vajazzle’ after hearing the term from Jennifer Love Hewitt.

How Does One Get Vajazzled?
First you have to find a spa or parlor that knows about this fairly new concept in bejeweling your private areas. That’s the hard part and once that’s done, it’s fairly easy.

First the person doing the vajazzling has to wax the region so the crystals and rhinestones have a smooth surface to stick to. Then the area is cleansed to remove any remaining wax. Then dependant on the kind of art work you want done, the Swarovski crystals may come on sheets where intricate designs are all ready to be applied and can be lifted all at once and applied to the area wanted. The sheets of crystals are held in the vajazzler’s hands so the adhesive warms up and will stick to the skin.

Other designs are made by applying the crystals one at a time after the adhesive has been heated by the hands of the person applying them.

How Long does a Vajazzle last and how much does it cost?
A vajazzle can last anywhere from 4-7 days and Completely Bare Spa said they were only charging $50 for a Vajazzle.

According to, while on the George Lopez show, Jennifer Love Hewitt said, “After I broke up with my ­boyfriend a friend Swarovski-crystalled my ­precious lady and it shined like a disco ball. Women should vajazzle their va-jay-jays!”

While sparkling ‘down there’ may seem like a strange idea to some, it seems to be all the rage to others. I’ve personally heard of trimming terms like ‘landing strip’ which to me looks like you just missed a spot. Or the ‘Brazilian’ which makes me cringe when thinking of the hot wax and all that ripping.

For those of us that don’t want to embarrass ourselves by crying and screaming in front of a stranger as the waxing is done. The DIY vajazzle kits from Pubic Pampering is the next best thing.