Thursday, October 29, 2009

Murder, Death, Kill?

Those are the words my hubby used when he saw the roast some out of the slow cooker. He told me I murder, death, killed the roast. lol

Yes, he likes his meat a little on the rare side, like he says, as soon as it stops moving, it's done. Yeck!

I..on the other hand like my meat....wellllll done. Done, done done. So when he bought a cheap chuck roast that was going to be tough to chew because of the kind of cut it was, I decided to slow cooker it. Of course there, was carrots, potatoes, celery, onions, bell peppers and slow cooker spices in there too.

I'm telling you this cheap ass chuck roast was falling apart with just a fork when I was done with it. I thought it was tasty. But hubby will be saying...

Murder. Death. Kill. For the next few days.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well I do have an ebook feature on my mp3/mp4 player and I was going to try and download an ebook to it just to see if I could. That's when the problems started. I found a free ebook and downloaded it like I think I was suppossed to, to adobe reader. Then I plugged in my player and .....yeah, that's where I'm stuck at. LOL

I have no idea how to get it from my computer to my player...At least I can read it on my computer...*sigh*

Next thing I'm going to try is downloading a CD to my computer and transferring a song to my mp3/mp4 player. I feel a headache coming on...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Laptops and Technology

A while back I had started saving all the money I was making on Associated Content so I could buy myself a Laptop. we have a computer but with three of us using it, I am usually online at midnight or in the middle of the day when I ahve others talking to me and bothering me when I'm trying to concentrate on writing. It's difficult to try and write an article when you constantly have people asking you questions or talking or have the tv going in the background.

So I was think ing a laptop would be beneficial and an easy way for me to be able to get online whenever I wanted to.

Firstly I am technology dumb, I mean seriously it's taken me a long time just to get comfortable downlaoding a song to my mp4 player. So when I started looking into the laptops, I was a little surprised at how they just made no sense to me.

How to connectto the internet? What is an internet card? How is it wireless? Do I ned to have wireless service on top of the dsl service I already have for the other computer? Will the laptop work when the desktop is online? Do I have to have to have wi-fi?

jeebus I'm a little lost. I've been reading all sorts of articles about laptops today. I think I have some more research to do before I buy anything.