Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slowly getting back to normal

Life changes so quickly and we never see some things coming. I didn't see my mother's death coming, at least not this soon and not this fast with no warning signs at all. I knew things were going to take some time and they are, I'm slowly getting out of my depressed hole that I've been in for too long. My little brother has been there for me every single day since this has happened and I love him to pieces for that. I think we are keeping each other sane by talking each day.

My little brother is coming into town next weekend and I get to see him. he's taking my daughter for a couple of weeks when his son will be with him. The two of them are just a couple of years apart in age and I think it will be good for them to have some time together after losing their grandma. My husband lost his mother just a few months ago so my daughter lost both of her grandmother's in a very short time and I know it's affected her.

I've been going through old pictures a lot lately and buying a few more photo albums to put the hundreds of new pictures I got from my mom's place. My hubby laughs because it seems I am the keeper of the photos for my family. I have over 20 large photo albums and now have about 300 more pictures to label and put in albums. I'm quickly running out of storage space for them. lol

Looking through all the pictures has been helping and I've been making scrapbooks for a few years now. I have three scrapbooks that I made in the past three years and am putting together some old pictures to make another one. Anything that will keep me busy and my mind off of things is good right now. All i can do is get through each day and hope the next one is better than the last.