Monday, July 23, 2012

Time To Prune The Family Tree

Family Tree's

Cutting a family member out of your life isn't an easy thing to do but sometimes it has to be done. Is it time to prune your family tree? if you answer yes to any of these might be. 

*Does the family member constantly lie about even the smallest of things?

*Does the family member always bring drama into your life and seem to like to cause problems for you?

*Does the family member consistently say they will do things and then show you that they really only care about themselves by never following through with their word?

*Does this family member constantly make their problems the center of attention even when others are having a worst time of it?

Does this family member always put himself above others and act in ways that show you they only care about themselves?

*Does this family member lie and make up details about their own life to make themselves sound worst off than they actually are?

*Does this family member's extended family cut them off or stopped talking to them because of their bad attitude?

*Has this family member been a danger to others physically?

*Is this family member not trustworthy?

If you answered yes to most of these questions about a family member, it may be time to cut them out of your life. it's not an easy thing to do but if they are making your life may be the right thing to do. 

I cut a family member out of my life for 10 years because of his ongoing drinking. He was a very mean drunk and I didn't want that atmosphere around my small child. Now that he doesn't drink anymore, he's much easier to get along with. 

I am about to cut another member of my family off. it's not a decision I take lightly and not something I look forward to doing, but I answered yes to everyone of those questions...this person just isn't someone I want in  my life any longer. 

Many family tree's need pruning. You need a sharp pair of shears, a steady hand and the determination to stick with your decision. 

That old saying is can't pick your family members but you can pick your friends. Just because they are blood doesn't mean you have to put up with their nonsense.