Tuesday, January 10, 2006

When Gerbils attack!!!!

Argggggg! WTF! I had my gerbils out on the couch with me tonight and they were jumping around like crazy gerbils do, when my tan colored one (Honey) comes up to me and sits on my shoulder, turns around and nibbles on my ear, well, I shushed him away from my earring, since that's what I thought he was going for, but it turns out he doesn't like to get shushed away when he is attacking a piece of jewely. He comes back, juming here and there and latches on to my dangle earring and starts a munchin. Ok, no biggie, I take it off. problem solved, right? WRONG!!!

I think he is coming up to my face to sniff me, like they do so often, when all of the sudden. CRUNCH. He latches on to my bottom lip and starts crunchin. ouch! Damn he has some sharp ass teeth. I have 2 holes in my bottom lip, I'm bleeding and here comes (spirit) The white gerbil to see what that yummy red stuff is all over my fingers and lip. ouch! little shit bit my finger trying to taste the blood. WTF! Is it a full moon? Did some vampire rodent bite my babies last night? I'm thinking what the hell is going on? They don't usually bite me. I put them back in the cage, take care of my wounds, should I get rabies shots? lol

then go back to pet them and let them know everything is allright. I can't believe Honey bit me again! I now have a sore lip a sore finger and a bite on my forearm.
Is it something in the water?