Monday, February 28, 2011


I was cleaning out the rat cage this morning and most of my rats are always ready to come out and play on the couch so I can change the baby blankets for their cage. But...but this little mischief maker Brodie, will see me taking the other ratties out and he will go hide in this purple bubble and look at me like, "Ha, you can just leave me here and clean the cage, lady. Cause I ain't movin." lol

He'll watch me the whole time but he won't come out to play until I am done and move the whole cage so that the open side is up against the couch and he can come and go from the couch to the cage all by himself. Yep, I finally figured out a way to get him to come out of the cage without him totally freaking out.
As long as I keep the cage door open and close to the couch so every few minutes he can ran back inside th cage and sniffa round for whatever it is that he's checking, he's fine. I'm assuming he is making sure the cage is stll there and he can get back inside and hide is he needs too. But he is so much more friendlier now that he can come and go when he wants. He lets us pick him up, pet him and he even gives little rattie kisses.

It's so funny how all 4 of the rats can have such different personalities.