Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I don't make Resolutions anymore. I don't see the point, why set myself up for fail, right? So a few years ago I decided not to make anymore resolutions and I actually stuck with it. LOL So this year I am making some resloutions that I can actually stick to.

Eat Less Healthy- That's right, no more salad, no more tofu (Yeah like I've ever tasted that stuff!) and no more sugar free anything. If I was suppossed to be eating sugar free and taste free foods, I would have been born a rabbit!

Go Outside Less- There's no need for me to go outside anymore. With the internet I can have all my food delivered, have the paper delivered, but all my extras and personal things from Amazon and have them delivered and pay someone to bring me Pizza once a month.

Do less Laundry- I just figured if I'm not going outside, I'll never get dirty! So who needs to do laundry again, my clothes will never need washing.

Exercise Less- Of course this goes along with not going outside. So I can stay home watch tv, catch up on my movies and books and become the couch potato I was meant to be.

Become the Crazy Rat lady- I only have 4 rats right now, but I know there are dozens of rats that need homes right now. So I better tell Ken to get to building all those shelves for all those cages we are going to be needing. He may even need to find his own place beause there might not be room enough for him in bed with me and the rats.

Stalk my neighbors- I have binoculars and I know how to use them .

Spend less time on the Phone- With all the couch potatoing, movie watching, book reading and pizza eating I'll be doing, who has time to talk on the phone!