Sunday, August 21, 2005

Day all to myself

I had the place all to myself all day. Ken went to help his friend steve with his truck and has been gone all day. My daughter went to her friends pool party. She even brought me back a piece of chocolate cake. Her friend has 3 hamsters and got a rat for her b-day today. She brought him over to show me and my heart just melted. He's so cute. She has a black bear hamster. He's all black except for his lil white feet. What an adorable lil guy.

I watched a movie I got from Netflix called Devour. It was kinda weird but a nice way to spend an hour and a half. lol Then I went to a website a couplde friends told me about and bought some wicca supplies. I found a really pretty wiccan necklace too.

I called my mom and listened to her tell me all about how my dad is pissed cause I refuse to talk to him again. But he said somethings to me and ken in front of our kid that were really hurtful and that's inexcusable. I really don't need someone who stays drunk 24/7 in mine or my kids life right now.

Ken and steve got back a bit ago and went back out but they dropped off 3 caneloupes and a small watermelon off before taking off again. He told me he had a sack full of cherry tomatoes for me too. Cool. Last week he brought over this huge zucchini. It was 18 inches long and had to be 10 inches round. lasted us 3 days. lol