Saturday, February 04, 2006

So here I was siting on the comfy couch watching tv, when this stupid fly started buzzing me. I thnk he was trying to commit hary carey by flying into my head a few times, but anyway. So It wouldn't leave me lone and then I wake up today to find we have even more flys in the apartment. Hey damnit ti's still winter! Don't flys know that they are supposeed to be hybernating or what ever they do in the winter?

So today I go and get these fly paper catchers, they are a vomit yellew paper that hangs down from the ceiling. I open it up, damn thing is sticky! sticky fly paper gets stuck to my fngers, damn fly is still buzzing over my head as I tack the paper to the ceiling, wobbling precaresly on my chair as I finally get the thing up there.

Now I have this horrible looking yellow vomit colored sticky fly paper hanging from the ceiling with 7 dead flies hanging from it. Niiiice.