Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun With The Wildlife

My daughter went to Big Bear lake in California to go fishing with my brother and his wife a couple of years ago. While they were setting up their camping spot my daughter spotted a Gopher hole and this little Gopher in it. He popped his head out when she got too close to his home. So she had an idea...

She would try to feed him and get some pictures of him. She started out trying to give him some potato chips and he took them. 

Then she gave him a cookie and he said there at the entrance of his home and munched on it as well. 

He stopped munching on his cookie to pose for a really cute picture for her. Omg look at his cute little face. 

Then, after she got his attention with food, she started seeing if she could get him to take some peanuts in the shell right from her hand. He sniffed it at first but wouldn't take it. 

So she left it by the hole to see if he would come out and get it and he did. 

But he ran back to his hole before he could grab it. 

So she tried giving it to him again and he came out and started sniffing her. she was able to actually touch him with the peanut and he didn't care. 

So she put the peanut in front of him and he took it back to his home but came back out a minute later looking for more. 

So my daughter tried coaxing him out again to see if he would take it from her fingers this time. 

But he ran back to his hole and she ended up putting it by his face and then he took it. But she had fun with this little guy because he was so curious and loved all the food she was giving him.