Monday, December 05, 2011

White Coca Cola Cans Too Confusing For Some Folks?

If you've watched the news, read a newspaper, seen the front page of yahoo news or been online at all...then you've probably heard the news that some drinkers of coca cola didn't like the new white cans because they said 1) it was too confusing to try and figure out if it was diet or not, even though the silver diet cans have not changed they are still silver and these Christmas one's were white..

2) Coca cola drinkers said they were sure the coke in the white cans tasted differently than what they are used to drinking. Yeah they actually said because it was in white tasted different.

Good grief! Are people really this ridiculous? Too much of an idiot to tell the difference between a silver can and a while can with the Christmas Polar Bears on it? Really? So the coca Cola company gave in are are not going to manufacture anymore white cans because of all the idiots out there that maybe should go back to school and learn white from silver so they can decipher the different cans from one another.