Sunday, June 26, 2005

This is my Rat, romi..Isn't she sweet!

What drives me nuts is....

My brother called me this morning to tell me he and his girlfriend went to the movies the night before and how mad he was that people had brought their kids to this movie and all he did through the whole thing was give people dirty looks. It got me thinking, cause let me tell you, when I go to the movies and there happens to be squeeling kids in the theatre interrupting the movie I paid my $7.00 to see you better believe I say something. Unless of course I'm at a "G" rated movie and then I know kids will be there.
Cry Baby Stroller

But people, there are people who bring little kids to loud, violent rated "R" films and then spend half the movie trying to calm down the terrified kid. Do they think this is a friggin playground? I would imagine that the very last person you want to piss off is someone watching a slasher movie and that, my stupid, breeding friends, is me! Take the kid outside - he obviously doesn't want to be here!
Cry Baby
It did not take me long to get damn tired of those stickers that manufacturers put over CDs and DVDs.
Excuse me, but do you really think I have the time -- after pulling off the frickin' plastic wrap (which already clings more than a manic-depressive high school girlfriend) -- to fiddle with a thin little sticker that has supposedly been put on there "to assure freshness" or some stupid shit like that, but that really serves the express purpose of pissing me off so much that I wish whoever thought of this idea would get a vicious prolonged form of head cancer. That's right -- you heard me -- head cancer.
My neighborhood is getting bad and how can you tell it's bad, When you have to ask yourself this one question.... Why the hell do so many of my neighbors have Volvo-sized ill-tempered dogs that they just let run around?! Dog 13 I guess I can hope the pepper spray will stop them as I'm out taking a leisurely stroll down the public sidewalk, but one of these mornings, I'm going to be walking and one of these dogs is going to bite me -- at the exact same moment the stupid owner (usually carrying the damn leash) is shouting "Oh, don't worry -- he won't bite!" For this alone, I've considered getting a gun, but instead, I think I'll just mix antifreeze with hamburger and carry little poisoned meatballs around. no don't get mad at me...get mad at the stupid friggin owners of thses viscious animals who let them run around loose.

People who get all dressed up in their sunday best to go to Walmart and bring their kids with their crusty noses, dirt rings around their necks, faded dirty clothes with jello spots the size of a damn boulder right on the front, and bare dirt crusted feet. I consider this a form of child abuse. These parents should be horsewhipped.
Laughing Baby Crawling Baby
The English language has taken an incredible beating the last few years with the advent of "liketalk"... I don't know what else to call it. What I thought was a passing fad - the typical American teenager's faddish interjection of the word "like" into every single sentence Mad -- has become so rampant it is a disease. Even thirty year olds and business executives talk this way! "Like" is used not only as "um" is used, a chronic and useless interrupter - it actually takes the place of adjectives, nouns, imagination, intelligence, etc. etc. etc.For instance, you no longer have to say,"She was furious at me.."You just say,"She was like "aaaaaghh!"No need for such tedious sentences as "He said, I'll take care of it." Now it's "He was LIKE I'll take care of it"So you see there's no past tense any more, there's just the pea-brained characterization of any event, any shade of meaning, past, present or future, relevant or irrelevant, as "LIKE" Now when you combine that with the word "ALL" and the incomprehensibly ever-rising popularity of the word "shit", Mad Cow you have something approaching the deterioration of our daily discourse to the most atrocious and stupid sounding toilet talk: here goes!: Instead of: "Maggie told me last week how much he enjoyed the Music artist Aerosmith" She said he could listen to it all day and not get tired of it..." We now can say, "Aerosmith?" "maggie was all like, 'That's the shit!" WHAT HAS HAPPENED?????

One of my pet peeves is a person who eats with mouth open, showing their partially masticated food to all.I know I have talked about this one before, if I can see your food while it's in your mouth, your doing something wrong.
Leaning over my shoulder or stepping within a couple feet of me to talk. This creeps me out. Again with the personal space. Step back, please. I'd really rather not know how recently you bathed.

You Suck

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Can I ask You Something?

You know you have been asked that same question before, right? Someone will invariably ask you...Hey, can I ask you something? or Will you tell me something? Well yesterday I was out in the parking lot with Ken and we were talking with Tom, the manager. Well ken walked over to the mailbox and this ladt was walking towards him and motioned for him to come over to where he was. So he walks over to her, and remember I am standing not to far away with another person too. So he gets to this woman and she asks him, "Hey, can I ask you a personal question?"
Ken: "Sure."
Her: "Are you sure?"
Ken: "Sure go ahead."
Her: "can I do something for you for $5.00?"
Now it took ken a minute to understand what she was asking and he turned and we made eye contact and then he turns abck to her.
Ken: "Uh, no thanx."
Her: "Well you have any change?"
Ken: Uh, no I don't."
and then he walked back to me with this bewildered look on his face. He told us what she said and me and Tom started laughing. I was like "she wanted to know your you know what. LMAO!!!
Damn crack whores anyway!
Smiley Gone Wild Sex
Then yesterday was my daughters birthday and she invited her friend over after asking if we could go out to dinner another night. So we agreed and she said she wanted corn ogs, french fries and lime green sherbert for dinner. LOL So I went and got it. I got her a Living Dead Doll for her birthday and when my mom and Ken saw this doll they looked at me like I was nuts. My mom was like "Honey, are you sure that thing isn't going to give her nightmares?" LMAO yeah sure that's why she showed it to everyone she could find last night and then laid the little coffin next to her in bed and slept with it. LOL I have to get me one now, I just love it.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Embarassing Moment

I just hate having something really embarassing happen in a place that I frequent all the darn time. Ever since the operation and having this damn scar on my neck I haven't been able, no let me rephrase that...I havent felt comfortable going out in public. So rarely do I venture out these days. Not that I went out alot before, but now it's even less. But yesterday I wen to the grocery store to get a few things and for what ever reason ended up having a panic attack. I haven't had one in about a year and that's really good for me. I had Agoraphobia for years and sometimes it will creep back up on me. I think I felt the sweating and heart palpatations starting and was so scared I was going to have a panic attack that I brought one on. Well before I could get out to me car, cause I wanted to get done getting my stuff and I didn't want to look strange just leaving my cart there since I was already in line, so I stood there and stood there and it just happened. I couldn't catch my breath and hyperventalited so much especially after people started looking at me that I passed out. Good going mary. shesh.
The store manager called 911, oh god, and when I woke up I heard the sirens. Good grief why didn't I just leave?
I told the ambulance tech what happened and said I wasn't going to the hospital. I got home, I must have looked bad cause ken asked me what happened and I told him. He made me promise to call my doc tomorrow and make an appointment. Oh goody.
Dang, I don't think I'll ever be able to go in there again now.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gerbils and Hamsters and Rats..Oh my!

So lets start off by saying I went to clean out all the cages today and found the gerbils had blood in their cage. So I went to pick them up and inspect them...Poor little Spirit's tail was shall I put this...GONE!
His damned brother Honey, had gotton into a fight with him, bit his tail about 2 inches from the base and the only thing left was the bones. ewwww.
So I called my Vet, and she told me to come right in. Well let me tell you, after the tail was inspected, Spirit was put to sleep so they could work on his tail and cut the bone off and sew it up on the end, ...the bill was whopping...$150.00!!! Oh Damn. You better believe my hubby wasn't happy about that. lol
So I get him home and put him in the cage with his brother, he goes over to him and lays down, honey then proceeds to clean his face for him. awww too cute. They slept on the second shelf of the cage right next to one another and the vet told me sometimes they will fight. Angelic Mouse But not to seperate them. Well duh!

So then I cleaned out the ratty Rat cage and gave them some fresh fruit.
Gave the ratties fresh watermelon. Rat heaven. My goodness. Sticky little pink rat feet everywhere.

My hamsters Hamster sleep all day. Mouse The little lazy butts. So waited until they got up and were ready to come out before I cleaned their cages. Then gave them some slices of orange since they don't like watermelon, and the gerbils got a half of an ear of raw corn.
Mouse On Wheel

I tell ya these little guys can sure make hell with ya. My dwarf hamster is mean. She comes out and just bites the hell outta me. lol I have little hamster bites all over my arm now. Little brat.


Why is it, that when I'm trying to get something done, running errands,going to more and more doctor visits and juggling my spare time between catching a few hours sleep(when I don't have insomnia) ,spending a few minutes with my kid, doing a few loads of laundry, cause who else is gonna do it?,that the simple act of sitting on my swivel chair consumes 5 hours, yet when I have a bad attack of insomnia and have three hours to kill, the internet can barely keep me amused for a few minutes? Why is it that standing in line at the grocery store seems to last as long as going on vacation? Is there any logical explanation as to why the 2 hours that I spend staring at the digital readout on my alarm clock seems to last far longer than the four hours of sleep that eventually follows it? Why does spending 2 hours with my mom seem like an eternity that will never end? Or when my brother gets on the phone for 10 minutes it seems like I'm lost in a black pit of hell while I listen to the endless complaints he has about his life. Try living mine I wanna say, But I don't.

Time. They say all we have is time. But I think time has us...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The problem with Rap!!

This morning about 4am, this little car came right up to my bedroom window and started balring their RAP CRAP! It's 4 am. Popeloe are sleeping, even his if dumbass wasn't. I looked out my window and saw this little idiot just sitting there listening to the radio, I figured well maybe he just likes this particular song,(I say song very lightly cause hat ever was playing definately wasn't music in my book) and he'll turn the car off once it's over. But no, I see him turn on the interior light and is looking over some papers, Memo I have had it up to here with people having no respect for other people around them. Alarm Clock IT"S 4AM for god's sake. I'm sick of people not caring whether o not you can hear them outside while they are blasting their car stereos, Keyboard I'm sick of dumbasses breaking into others cars, I'm sick of people fihhting over the dumbest of things, like when I went outside this morning after having gave this idiot a full 15 minutes to have the sense to turn down the car stereo himself, and I had to get dressed and go out there and ask him nicely, or not so nicely since I wasn't in a really good mood at that point to turn the fucking stereo down! That I have a child right up in that window and you woke her up with that crap you call music. Yeah I said that.
This little idiot has the nerve to ask me if I would be as mad if he were white and playing piaino music on his car stereo, would I be as mad? Uh yeah, what ever is being played is to damn loud and it woke me and my family up a 4 am. What about this dont you get? So he said he was sorry and he would move his car away from my window, I said I didnt want him to move just turn the crap down. So then we ended up in an argument about wht rap is crap. Can you believe this? I have to say I don't remember all I said, But I made a very good argument. lol But as I sit here this is what I think. .......
People claim rap requires more talent than other genres of music and people claim rap is decent music. It's not. When you point out how horrible rap is to many people, they just don't get it. They actually get mad if they happen to like the crap. A few closed-minded obnoxious people would obviously like to know why I hold such a passion in hating rap, unfortunately they choose to ignore true talent and thus they fail to comprehend just why it sucks. It is for those short-sighted dumbasses, Baring Teeth that I will now explain my reasoning. First off, don't get me wrong. Not ALL rap is bad. I don't believe an entire genre of music can be classified as bad simply because of a few really bad rappers and their awful music. But there comes a point when even interpretation does not account for the pathetic attempt at "music" these "musicians" create. I'm sure there's plenty of decent rap Perplexed out there somwhere, if you like rap in general *I however, do not* but that is the minority. The majority of rap is absolutely laughable or in my case annoying as hell. As with any form of music, if you run it into the ground, people hear it everwhere and people are followers, well some are. But one person see's another liking this crap and more and more follow. The more of this crap there is, the more will come and the more crap rappers there will be. This is why these idiots are popular. They're like fucking clones, and if one is popular, the rest become the new trend for being like the original. I'm quite honestly amazed you peons have not discovered this by now. This is why rap sucks. Rap is a popular form of music. Especially in areas dubbed "the hood", because the poorly written lyrics easily relate to a poorly educated imbecile. Of course I'm generalizing here. I do realize not think ALL rap fans are living in some shit hole house with a .2 GPA, Dumb but in most cases, that seems fairly accurate. Look up any rap artist. It's nearly impossible to find one who does not have at least one song regarding sex, pimps, the ghetto, thugs, the ghetto, being black, or oh yes, the ghetto! Now you may say, "what's wrong with having those as topics? 90% of songs from the 80s are about love and it's sickening"...The 80's promoted bad hair. Tongue Out Rap promotes morons with morals equal to that of a dog humping a fire hydrant. I'm not sure if all you 50 cent fans are aware-being a pimp will get you nowhere in your future of "business law" or whatever job you end up with. You wont become a doctor by banging every chick on the street. And nobody gives a fuck if you "holla" at your "dawgs"-They will just see you as a total fucking idiot who does not know how to properly speak english. And for future reference-ebonics is not considered a language. Talking like you don't know how to pronounce certain letters does not make you a linguist, it just makes you a goddamn idiot. Confused Do you think dressing up in 30 lbs of gold chains and some craptastic basketball jersey will impress your manager? Fuck no, not even McDonalds would hire an assclown like you. This is my beef with rap.. And I'm sick of seeing these "pimps" trying to act cool, despite the fact that they look like they were rejected from the casting call of the Wizard of Oz. I do realize other genres have a large following of posers, but rap is by far more annoying because it teaches you stupid ideals that will get you nowhere in life. Now it's not just the way people who listen to rap act that pisses me off-It's the majority of the music as well...and I use the term "music" lightly because much of rap can hardly even be considered that. Rap often consists of some guy who parades around stage with a microphone nearly shoved down his throat, waving his hands at the crowd like an ape, while sporting enough gold jewelry, if melted and molded would be enough to make a small house. Shocked Now I could tolerate that, on one condition-if the music was decent. But it's not. Why not? well lets look at the facts. Most rappers *not all, but most* cannot sing. They can hardly even talk in a pleasent tone 90% of the time. . And it's not just the rapper's voice that usually sucks. It's the music as well. Typically, they are rapping to some pre recorded 'beat' that could be thrown together in 5 minutes without even needing a band. Techno requires more skill than that, and they don't even have vocals most of the time. In rap, the 'beat' is usually bland as well, and not even slightly creative. So what you end up with is some idiot dressed like a fucking clown moaning to insanely monotone background music about absolutely stupid topics. Anyone who finds that *good* music, is kidding themselves. The lyrics are often not even poetic. If you think rap can be considered poetry-make it a fucking haiku Mad and save me the misery of listening to it clutter up the radio stations for minutes at a time. I think everyone has a right to like whatever music they want, I really do.But when you allow a music genre to blind you as to what talent and morals are, then you are a true idiot. Most rap teaches you to be a dumbass, yet so many people claim it "makes a difference" because "people can relate to it". I must have forgotten about the whole rapper humanitarian movement. Lips Are Sealed ok I'll stop now.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

And this is why they call me the hamster lady

My daughters friend came back over yesterday and told me that her father was going to throw the hamster in the trash if she didn't find someone to take it. I went outside and got the hamster and brought it in, ken just looked at me like yeah, ok. Hamster lol I mean really what was he going to do? lol
Anway, Annie tells me that her dad has been telling her that he was going to step on it or put it in the garbage, and that just made me mad. Annie is just 8 years old. You don't say stuff like that to a young kid.
Now I'm normally a very quiet person. Really I am. lol
but make me mad and all bets are off.
I took the hamster Hamster and I didn't have enough money to get a cage this month and she brought it over in a small bowl, covered in oatmeal. Envious It was ridiculous. The poor thing had oatmeal stuck to it's paws and underbelly.Annie didn't know any better, she thought oatmeal would be good bedding material and it would eat it too. So after I got it cleaned up I was wondering what I was going to put him in. I remembered that 2 months ago I bought this huge tupperware thing. I didn't know why I was buying it at the time and it has been sitting in my closet ever since. But it was just right for him for now. It's deep enough he can't get out and long enough he has alot of room to move around. So I set it up with a water bottle, bedding, food and food bowl and toys and he's so happy.
Then I went to talk to that stupid father of hers' Mad Gosh he was like well I told her not to bring it in the house. Like duh, you idiot don't let her she's only 8 years old. I yelled at him and told him If I ever find out he's treated another animal like this one I would call animal control on him. He said he can't have animals in his apartment, I was like that didn't stop you from letting annie have a hamster in here. I don't understand why he didn't tell her to take it back the day she brought it home, she got it from another little girl. What an ass.
I told him he was the adult and needed to set an example for his kid and telling her he was going to step on it or throw it away was no way for an adult to act. No No No He got mad at me and told me I needed to mind my own business, I said he was the adult Screamer and when you take in an animal you have a responsibility to take care of it. He just told me have fun with it and get out. What an ass.

Pulling My Hair Out

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Now this wasn't right!!!!

So yesterday my Apartment managers came to me and ken and said they were in a real bind, that that managers from another apartment complex moved out the night before with out any kind of notice and they had been choosen to find their replacements and they wanted to know if me and ken wanted to be the next Managers of this 72 apartment complex. Well Yeah! Wakka Wakka
I was like yes, this would be great, a salary a free 2 bedroom apartment with all utilities paid. Sounded great to both of us. So they said they would talk to us more later yesterday. They never came back over and wouldn't answer their phone when we called. Hmm
So finally today we saw them in the parking lot and asked them about it and they said they actually wanted to ask someone else first ...(the lady managers best friend) but if they didn't want ithen we could have it. WTF??? Yelling
I looked at Ken and we both shook our heads and I said well just take us out of the consideration then, I'm not interested anymore. Yeah I was mad and they couldn't figure out why. Ken still thinks we should since the couple they asked said they weren't intersested and they came and told us that. But hey, that was just low what they did. Come and ask us first and then say oh wait I wanna ask someone else before I tell you , you can have it. Well why didn't they ask them first? Pissed
I've been totally ignoring my managers and they can Bite Me!~ I wouldn't help them now if they begged me to. No
You just don't do that and think everything is fine.