Thursday, July 14, 2005

Isn't fast food suppossed to be and convenient?

Don't go to ...can I say the chain name here? You betcha.......Don't go to McDonalds if you are hungyr cause they'll just mess your order up and piss you off and you'll still be hungry an hour later!!!

Ok, so I figured instead of making something for lunch and messing up my clean kitchen that is clean and needs to stay that way cause kens family is coming tomorrow to bring back my daughter form her weeks vacation....But alas that is a whole other story...

So I take my butt out in this 112 heat ...130 in the closed up car but hey, who's counting..not me.
I drive over to McDonalds cause frankly it was the closets. And go inside instead of going through the drive through cause wouldn't you know it my air conditioning in the car isn't working...big surprise there.
So I'm standing in line, of course they are training someone new at the register and there are about 6 people ahead of me. I already know what I want..I want the 2 cheeseburger meal. Now this is what happens.
I say: Can I get the 2 cheeseburger meal with extra ketchup to go please. Yes I said please I figured you better be nice to the people making your food unless you like the taste of spit.

Cashier: You want any fries with that?
I say: Uh doesn't the meal come with fries? I look at hear like it's ok, I know your new and smile.
Cashier: Uh yeah, do you want to try the cherry pie or a salad?
I say: uh, no just the cheeseburgers. ....Big mistake. I knew it as soon as I said it but figured she would be smart enough to get it. I was wrong.
Cashier: She tells me how much it is and I give her the money. Then she goes and I watch as she puts 2 cheeseburgers in a bag and hands it to me. Have a nice day she says.
I say: Umm. ..Can I have the extra ketchup for the fries...Now I say fries and emphasize them hoopeing she will get it but Nooo she doesn't. She goes underneath the drawer and gets 2 yes ....2 litle packets of ketchup and puts them in the bag. Guess she figues with no fries what the hell do I need ketchup for...right? So I lean in and say I ordered the 2 cheeseburger meal....and I just knew what was coming...
Cashier: She looks at me and says, yes and then you said you just wanted the cheeseburgers.
I say: That was in reference to whether I wanted a cherry pie. But I did want the meal..
Cashier: Ok, so she gives me the cup and a small fires and puts them in the bag and rings it up. and tells me the same amount I just paid. I give her my receipt and tell her I already paid. She looks at it and then at me and says hold on.

Cashier: She goes and gets a manager and tells her what happened and that she needs them to come and fix and cash thingie. yeah ok.

Me: I'm still standing there my food getting cold, my temper getting hotter. So when the manager comes over to fix the register and I'm still standing there and she doesn't say anything to me while she is telling how to fix this. I say Am I done here can I go now I already paid for the food thats getting colder by the minute.
Manager: I'm sorry for the wait...She's in training.

Like this is supposed to fix it all.

So I get back in my hot car with my cold soggy fries and my luke warm cheeseburgers and my coke . Ha at least my coke was cold. I made that myself. LOL

I get home and sit down to eat, ken is outside helping someone with their car. I pass him and Tom on the way in the house and he says to me..."Nice of you to ask if I wanted something"

I stopped and looked at him.. He must have know he just said the exact wrong thing cause he looks at me and smiles and says " I was just kidding, Tom is taking me to Subway for fixing his car"

LOL I look down at my bag of nearly not edible food and raise it and shake it in the air at him and make a like grrffff like noise that poor Tom has no idea how to respond to. Ken just looks at me and says :"That bad huh?"

Now some people think there are no stupid question but I can tell you that asking if things are that bad when I am acting like a deranged lunatic is a stupid question. I had decided to wing a couple cheeseburgers at ken but decided it might be a better idea to just go inside and see if anything was eatable...
It wasn't.....

Things I still want to do...

Scared 1 Not long ago I had a small list of things I wanted to try. Food wise. So we went and picked up some california rolls (sushi) and tried it...all I can say is ewwwwww Gross
Then I tried bagels and cream cheese for the first time. wow, that's really good.
I ate liver pate'....again I could have done without that taste in my mouth ewwwww
I tried tofu... Sickened .bland as hell and I just don't get it. it's like eating squishy cardboard..Now why would you eat squishy cardboard?
I tasted a verrrry small piece of a jalepeno pepper. Chili Pepper Damn near burned my mouth off. OUCH!!
I sat and tried to eat a grapefruit.. Sick couldn't do it. Those things are sooo bitter.. gosh I feel sorry for anyone on a grapefruit diet. lol

So now I was thinking I wanted a new here are things I want to do now...
send a message in a bottle.
Spend a night somewhere scary with some friends. Scared 1
Get a I probably won't cause Ken would kill me.
Hear bagpipes in person from a Scottish man whom I can listen talk after wards. mmmmm (love the scottish accent)
Add "In Accordance with the Prophecy" to the end of an answer a Judge asks me. LOL
Wear body paint and nothing else. Tongue Out
Go to wal-mart and discretely put in a box on condoms in a few elderly ladies carts while there not looking. lol
Well that's all I can think of at te moment.. but it sounds like fun.