Saturday, February 18, 2006

I finally have 5 minutes to myself!

LOL Yeah and 5 minutes from now I'm sure I'll be doing something else. But now that I'm here...the reason I've been gone is my mom fell and broke her femur, pelvis, and hip. Damn I know that hurt. She had surgery to put it all back together and now she is in rehab. I am waiting on approval for my biopsy from my insurance, hopefully this week. I hope so cause I want to do allready and get it done. I don't want to do it at all, but my family is pretty much telling me I have to. I know that, but I also rememebr how uncomfortable it was. Not a nice thing to have done. I hate companies...dieseases...cancer...damn I just hate everything right now. I am a little stressed, a little angry, a little overwhelmed, and a little better than last week.
I'll get back here as often as possible. but after my mom gets out of rehab in a a few weeks I may have to go and live with her for a month.