Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Days...

Some days you just want to be left alone. It's not hard to remember those days when you were a moody teenager and nothing during the day seemed like it was going the right way for you.

And as you got older you felt like this can't keep happening..I'm an adult now! I won't allow my life to take these types of twists and turns that make my insides knot up into twisted pretzels that take a xaxan to unravel. but it happens adn we all remember what it would feel like...

You got up only to find out that your mom ate the last bowl of your favorite cereal, at lunch you find out you forgot your lunch money and feel like a fool for having to borrow some from your best friend.

You look into your book bag only to see that you forgot your homework for the second time this year and your favorite teacher tells you how dissappointed they are in you. On the way home, it starts to rain and you didn't bring your umbrella and while a car drives by...they spray you with a huge puddle. When you get home the door is locked and you don't have your key so you have to crawl through your bedroom window.

Later that night when everyone gets home you just want to be left alone to cry about the horrible day you had but your parents don't understand what could have been so horrible... I mean it's just a school day!

Little did they know...

But as we get older and grow up thinking that things like this won't happen because we are adults, we come to realize that sometimes life just wants to give you the trash bin and there's nothing you can do but smile and move onto the next big disaster that comes along.

My favorite bumper sticker is...*Somedays you are the windshiled and some days you are the bug*

Either way you are screwed.