Saturday, August 07, 2010

Irritating things

There are so many things that irritate me but there are a few things that stand right out and I think they bother most people.

Liars- people who lie to me or embellish about what has happened, will happen, ect...just irritate me.

Late people who don't call- You know when you tell me that you are going to be at my house at a certain time and I expect you to be here or meet me someplace at that better damn well be there, or at the very frickin least call me beforehand and let me know you aren't coming/going to be late. If I have to call you because you are an hour late and you tell me you just decided not to come and was going to call me later.....just don't be surprised when you never get invited again, ok?

Rudeness- There's no reason to be rude just for the sake of being rude. If I give you a birthday gift and you think it's lame...keep that to yourself because if you tell me that I never would have given such a gift because it looks cheap...or you won't use it can you give it to the salvation army because 'those' people would use something like that. Don't expect to ever get anything else form me, ok?

Drunks- If you want to get drunk off your butt...first off don't drive., I will tell you right now, I don't care who you are...if you drink and rive I will call the police on you and turn you in. I don't want a drunk on the streets when I am driving and don't think anyone else would either. But if you have to get falling down stupid drunk...stay home.

Don't let your kids be monsters in public- I was in the grocery store a few years ago and this little girl maybe 7 years old was giving her mother one hell of a time at the check out. She went to take her cart outside and the little girl sat down and wouldn't move. The mother couldn't push the cart and arry the kid at the same time so and the kid was screaming every time she went to touch her. So I asked the mother if she wanted me to either take the cart or the kid and she asked if I would pick the kid up because she wouldn't fight me. I thought to myself...she sure won't fight me...she's only 7 years old. I'm the adult...good grief. I picked the kid up and told her to shut it! and we walked out to her car and I told the kid to get in the back seat and put her seat belt on. She tried to tell me that she gets to sit in the front seat and I told her after acting bad in the store she can sit in the back seat. Her mother didn't say a word to me as I walked away. Good grief what was that mother thinking. If my kid ever threw a fit in the store I left everything in my cart and took her outside and told her we would leave and she wouldn't get anything if she didn't stop acting like a brat. I did leave the cart one time and she knew I was telling the truth...she didn't do it again.

I'm sur ethere's more that bothers me but I can't think of any thing else right now.