Sunday, June 10, 2012

Top Ten Things I hate To Do

There are some things that I just hate doing and though your list may be a little different than mine but I have a feeling there's at least one of these things most woman hate doing. 

1. The Annual Pap Smear- you know I had to put this at the top of my's probably one of the most dreaded days a woman has..

2. Cleaning The Bathroom- Seriously if I could hire a cleaning crew...I would. 

3. Taking The Kids To The Doctor- Is there anything worst than taking the kids to a doctors office especially when they aren't sick? They just need their immunizations or a check up for school but you know as soon as you get there they are going to pick up some snot nosed brats super bug that's going to get them, you, and your entire family super sick for the next month. Not only that the kids at school are going to get sick and it's going to be all your fault. 

4. Cleaning Out the Closet- That closet you have put all the junk from the past 5 years in and now don't know why you kept it in the first place. 

5. Taking the Car To The Mechanic- if you are a woman and are alone when you take the car in..they look at you with a smirk like you don't have an idea in your damn head worth listening to. 

6. Taking A Pet To The Vet's Office- After taking a dog or cat to the vet's office the first time they know you are taking them and will fight you to the death before you get them back there. Ever try and get a 100lb dog in the back seat of a car to come out when he doesn't want to? My dad's dog is like that and will whine the entire time we are in the waiting room, after spending an hour getting him out of the car. 

7. Going On A Car Ride With Young Kids- I did it once...only once and will never do it again. Especially if the little one's have to be in car seats and don't like being strapped in. The crying, screaming, fighting if there are two of them and the throwing of food in the back seat. 

8. Vacuuming- I hate it. I have long hair so there always seems to be hair balls on my floor that get stuck in my 

9. Laundry- nuff' said. 

10. Giving Birth- It hurts!