Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Post or Not To Post...

I've got a little rant today because even though I posted something about it on fb last week, I still see it going on and it's still bothering me.

I just love how some people will post all their lives intimate details on the Internet and then get mad...when someone has the nerve to comment on it. The nerve! If you don't want the things you do in your life to be scrutinized and commented on...don't put it on the Internet. You whiny asshats are the drooling goobers of the Internet world and should have your Internet privileges taken away permanently.

If for instance you don't want people telling you that you are doing something wrong after you post pictures of yourself passed out that your kids took of you after you have fun binging on alcohol, then maybe you shouldn't post those pictures.

You cannot say something controversial about your life, the way you live it or what you've done or plan to do and think that no one is the whole wide Internet is going to have a problem with it and maybe even voice a concern or call you an idiot. If you can't handle being called out for your dumb-assed sharing then please feel free not to post those types of things.

Most times I think these types of people post controversial things to see how many comments they can get telling them they are idiots just so they feel righteous in playing the victim and I for one won't fall for it. You are not a victim, you are an idiot.