Sunday, July 23, 2006

Visiting Hours

So today I'm at the hospital visiting my mother. She's back in the hospital with a kidney infection that spread to her blood system. She's getting better, but boy they have her drugged up. I was a little worried cause yesterday when I called she could hardly talk she was so drugged. But today I find out they moved her .........again. To a room in the new part of the hospital. I had a hell of a time finding it. First I had to go to the 3rd floor, go around the back and through the double doors and over to the only elevators that will take you back down to the 2nd floor. Yes, this is weird. So when I get off the elevators I go right and walk around the corner and all of the sudden the whole interior of the hospital changes. The paint is this drab tan, the floors are all marked up and have black stains on them.. Now this is suppossed to be the 'new' part of the hospital. so WTF? Spooky
I get to my mom's room and it's dark. There's no windows, like their are in all the other rooms on the other floors and some of the people seem to be locked in their rooms as they are standing inside their rooms and lookng out the small glass window on the front of the door. Now I'm thinkng to myself, have they stuck my mother on the psycho ward? I mean really, what the hell is going on? Some of these people looking out their little peep holes are giving me the creeps! Nervous So I go to the nurses station and ask what kinda floor was my mother on? She tells me it's the surgical, neurological and run off floor. That they get the run off from both floor 4 and 5 when they run out of beds. They also have a few people in isolation. That's why the doors are locked.
Isolation? Are these people that are right next to my mom contagious? I don't know but these rooms are creeping me out. Shock 3
Oh and remember how I said the hallways were on a curve? Oh I didn't say that, well they were, so if your in bed, 4-5 other people in their beds can see you in yours. Well as my mom sat up in bed she starts giggling and I ask her what's so funny. She pulls me over to where I can see out the door and points at her neighbor across the hall who has his door open. Well this old guy is sitting there on his bed rolled over on his side with his ass sticking out of his hospital gown, then he turns over and takes the bottom of his gown and pulls it up over his face, yep you guessed it. He flashed us then rolled over and had his ass sticking out in the wind again. Shock 4

My poor mother is laughing so hard she starts coughing, sending the nurse to see if she's ok. My mom is still laughing and pointing and when the nurse see's what she's pointing at the nurse just shakes her head and says. "We can't keep his clothes on him."
I sure hope she gets to come home soon, cause if I want to see bare bottoms I know where to see them. lol