Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gerbils and Hamsters and Rats..Oh my!

So lets start off by saying I went to clean out all the cages today and found the gerbils had blood in their cage. So I went to pick them up and inspect them...Poor little Spirit's tail was shall I put this...GONE!
His damned brother Honey, had gotton into a fight with him, bit his tail about 2 inches from the base and the only thing left was the bones. ewwww.
So I called my Vet, and she told me to come right in. Well let me tell you, after the tail was inspected, Spirit was put to sleep so they could work on his tail and cut the bone off and sew it up on the end, ...the bill was whopping...$150.00!!! Oh Damn. You better believe my hubby wasn't happy about that. lol
So I get him home and put him in the cage with his brother, he goes over to him and lays down, honey then proceeds to clean his face for him. awww too cute. They slept on the second shelf of the cage right next to one another and the vet told me sometimes they will fight. Angelic Mouse But not to seperate them. Well duh!

So then I cleaned out the ratty Rat cage and gave them some fresh fruit.
Gave the ratties fresh watermelon. Rat heaven. My goodness. Sticky little pink rat feet everywhere.

My hamsters Hamster sleep all day. Mouse The little lazy butts. So waited until they got up and were ready to come out before I cleaned their cages. Then gave them some slices of orange since they don't like watermelon, and the gerbils got a half of an ear of raw corn.
Mouse On Wheel

I tell ya these little guys can sure make hell with ya. My dwarf hamster is mean. She comes out and just bites the hell outta me. lol I have little hamster bites all over my arm now. Little brat.


Why is it, that when I'm trying to get something done, running errands,going to more and more doctor visits and juggling my spare time between catching a few hours sleep(when I don't have insomnia) ,spending a few minutes with my kid, doing a few loads of laundry, cause who else is gonna do it?,that the simple act of sitting on my swivel chair consumes 5 hours, yet when I have a bad attack of insomnia and have three hours to kill, the internet can barely keep me amused for a few minutes? Why is it that standing in line at the grocery store seems to last as long as going on vacation? Is there any logical explanation as to why the 2 hours that I spend staring at the digital readout on my alarm clock seems to last far longer than the four hours of sleep that eventually follows it? Why does spending 2 hours with my mom seem like an eternity that will never end? Or when my brother gets on the phone for 10 minutes it seems like I'm lost in a black pit of hell while I listen to the endless complaints he has about his life. Try living mine I wanna say, But I don't.

Time. They say all we have is time. But I think time has us...