Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Borders Book Store

I went to Borders today and bought a few books. All Romance books of course. But I had to tell this story because it was just too funny.

So I was gathering my books, I bought 5 of them and was looking at Laurel K. Hamilton's books when 2 little old ladies- I think they were about 70 years old...came over to where I was looking and picked up a Vampire book. One lady says to the other, "Oh you have to read this one, it was sooo good." And she gave it to her friend.

Then next thing I hear is...

"OMG, this is making me horny." As the lady reads the back of the book.

They both look behind them and smile at me and ask me, "Do you like Vampire books?"
Of course I answer, "Why yes I do." She holds up the book and I tell her that I already have all of them in that series so far.

I asked her if she has read any of Christine Feehan's books and she said no. So I went and picked out Dark Prince and gave it to her. She read the back and said..."Oh my, I'm getting horny."
The other little old lady reads the back of the book and says she doesn't have any man at home, her husband died ten years earlier but she does have batteries for the 'you know'.

All I wanted to do was get the hell out of there at this point. I am not going to stand around a book store talking to two elderly women about how horny the books make them and how many batteries their vibrators take.

So I smiled and told them to enjoy the books, and I went to pay for my books. As I walked out of the isle I was in, a young men who worked there smiled at me and nodded his head to the little old ladies and said, "They come in at least once a month." and started laughing. So they must talk like that all the time.