Friday, August 11, 2006

Midnight Rain by James Newman

I was lucky enough to get an autographed copy of "Midnight Rain" from James Newman. When I got it and started reading it I was hooked.

The book, "Midnight Rain" centers around a twelve year old boy named Kyle Mackey. His father is dead and his mother is an alcoholic. Kyles older brother Dan, is about to leave for college. Kyle goes off to what he calls his, "Secret Place" located in the woods, while there he witnesses a murder. Young Cassandra Belle Roarke is murdered by two men little Kyle knows. What happens next will keep you thoroughly immersed in the story. I don't want to give away the entire plot in case some of you have yet to read this novel, and read it you should!

I never put the book down from the time I started reading it until the very last page. I was totally enthralled in the story after starting it and I'm sure you will be too.

While this may not be a "horror" novel, it did have it's truly breathtaking moments, along with interesting characters and plot twists. Midnight Rain is a suspenseful and excellently written page-turner that begs to be read in one sitting.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Visiting Hours

So today I'm at the hospital visiting my mother. She's back in the hospital with a kidney infection that spread to her blood system. She's getting better, but boy they have her drugged up. I was a little worried cause yesterday when I called she could hardly talk she was so drugged. But today I find out they moved her .........again. To a room in the new part of the hospital. I had a hell of a time finding it. First I had to go to the 3rd floor, go around the back and through the double doors and over to the only elevators that will take you back down to the 2nd floor. Yes, this is weird. So when I get off the elevators I go right and walk around the corner and all of the sudden the whole interior of the hospital changes. The paint is this drab tan, the floors are all marked up and have black stains on them.. Now this is suppossed to be the 'new' part of the hospital. so WTF? Spooky
I get to my mom's room and it's dark. There's no windows, like their are in all the other rooms on the other floors and some of the people seem to be locked in their rooms as they are standing inside their rooms and lookng out the small glass window on the front of the door. Now I'm thinkng to myself, have they stuck my mother on the psycho ward? I mean really, what the hell is going on? Some of these people looking out their little peep holes are giving me the creeps! Nervous So I go to the nurses station and ask what kinda floor was my mother on? She tells me it's the surgical, neurological and run off floor. That they get the run off from both floor 4 and 5 when they run out of beds. They also have a few people in isolation. That's why the doors are locked.
Isolation? Are these people that are right next to my mom contagious? I don't know but these rooms are creeping me out. Shock 3
Oh and remember how I said the hallways were on a curve? Oh I didn't say that, well they were, so if your in bed, 4-5 other people in their beds can see you in yours. Well as my mom sat up in bed she starts giggling and I ask her what's so funny. She pulls me over to where I can see out the door and points at her neighbor across the hall who has his door open. Well this old guy is sitting there on his bed rolled over on his side with his ass sticking out of his hospital gown, then he turns over and takes the bottom of his gown and pulls it up over his face, yep you guessed it. He flashed us then rolled over and had his ass sticking out in the wind again. Shock 4

My poor mother is laughing so hard she starts coughing, sending the nurse to see if she's ok. My mom is still laughing and pointing and when the nurse see's what she's pointing at the nurse just shakes her head and says. "We can't keep his clothes on him."
I sure hope she gets to come home soon, cause if I want to see bare bottoms I know where to see them. lol

Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

Almost two weeks ago my mom fell down in a hole in her yard and broke her leg........again... Hospital Bed

So she's been in the hospital Doctor and now is in rehab getting back on her feet. Crutches . I've been running around paying her bills, and taking care of her dog and being out in this 112 degree heat is killing me. So I started doing alot of stuff at midnight, but my hubby doesn't feel safe having me out at night. I appreciate his worrying but nothing has happened to me, I always park in the light and really close to the door of what ever place I'm going to. He has to remember there are always alot of people out cause this place is a 24 hours town, we don't sleep here. lol
Most people live on coffee. lol So it's not like I'm out there by myself, but I do appreciate him worrying while he's in bed and I'm out doing the shopping. LMAO Good thing the grocery stores never close, huh? Grocery
Anyway, things should get back to normal now that my mom should be going home on friday, but I'll have to be driving her to her doctor visits for the near future, she has to go back to the doctor and get her 47 staples taken out. I saw the staples for the first time today and damn, but it looked like there were alot of them. Ouch! Ouch

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My daughter turns 15!!!!

Today was my daughters 15th birthday. Man I feel old now. LOL
I feel lucky just to have made it this far with a teenager. lol I swear I never acted as sarcastic, down, mad, at the world and me, and just all around pissed off as she does all the time. I remember being a 15 year old and I dont remember being in a bad mood all the time. I hope this passes soon. lol

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

A very Happy Father's day to all the daddies out there.

Hope you all have a great day.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Coheed and Cambria

I don't know if anyone else likes them but the have this song out that I just love. Called Welcome Home. The lead singers hair is WILD! LOL and the video for that song is so totally cool. The first song they did I wasn't to sure about but as soon as I heard this song I was so hooked, I love it. Looks like another CD I'll be having to get

Friday, May 19, 2006


Well I just found out that one of my erotic stories is getting published in a small magazine called "Uncensored Letters" that can be found in most adult stores. I have been writing erotica for free on for about 3 years now and most people like my stories. So when the opportunity arose that I could get paid to write I submitted a few stories not really thinking they would be accepted, but one was and I'm getting paid for it. heh heh

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Here's the easter cake I made last month.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Who would have thought the skies would openup, hands would come down and grab the brains from my computer and pull them out, leaving nothing but an empty shell.
Well that's about what happened to me last week. Now I called the Geek Squad at Best buy but they want more money just to look at it than I want to spend on my next car. So I asked around and found that alot of people around here conmsider themselves to be "computer Illiterate" Now just to clarify, I have at times used that phrase myself. I mean i didn't know what to do when my PC decided it didnt like me anymore and wouldnt work. But when you hear so many people using the same phrase over and over again, it made me think, if you don't know something, your stupid about that something. I can honestly say i am stupid about a whole slew of things, car repair, home repair, anything mechanical, plumbing.

If you don't understand computers, then you are stupid about computers. You're not bloody well "computer illiterate". It's a copout phrase, and the only reason to use a copout phrase is to attempt to delude other people and/or yourself. Admit it; you're stupid about computers. It's not a stigma, it's an admission, and it's a positive thing. It means "I don't know this", which shouldn't be seen as a negative, but as a positive. It's not a void, it's a void ready to be filled with knowledge.

My husband and myself did go to the "help" section and even though we are stupid about computers, we fixed the problem all by ourselves. So ha.

What's in a size?

So my daughter and I went to see a movie on Friday.
While at the theater, we went to buy popcorn and a coke.
The cashier asked me, "What size drink do you want?"
I said, "Small, please."
He then told me "we only have medium and large."
Wha? Huh? How is that possible?
How the Hell can you have a "medium" if you only have two options?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Went to the mall

So I took my daughter and her friend to the mall today. I should have know better. They were packed and as soon as we walked by the pet store I knew there was going to be a problem. Hamsters, ducks , bunnies.... Everywhere! man i had to get my kid outta there fast before she wanted "New Pets" We allready have enough as it is. lol

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's almost Easter

So today i went to a few differnt stores and bought Easter stuff so I could make some baskets up. My daughter loves ducks, always has. So I made sure to get her a couple of ducks to go in her basket. I had a thought, I thought I would try and make my own Peeps. Yeah right, that didn't work. LOL Take a large marshmallow, roll it in your hands and then try to shape it into something...ummmm well if you can get all the sticky mess of your hands long enough to shape something that is. Then roll it in sugar. hmmmmm I took a bite, and had to spit it out, I don't know what king of sugar they use but it sure as hell isn't table sugar. LOL Ack.

But I've been experimenting with some cake ideas, I think this year I'll make a easter basket cake.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Things can awalys get worst, right?

Sometimes I wonder why things happen the way they do. Right when I don;t think things can get any worst, I am proved wrong. My brother just told me that his doctor thinks he is gong to have to have a kidney transplant because of the Tb medication he was on after getting exposed to TB while he was transporting someone in the ambulance to the hospital. The medication he had to take for 9 months had bad side effects and now the docs think it may have really messed up his kidneys. I am hoping things will be alright, but I don;t know.

My mom is doing better, though. She has another docor appointment on tuesday, they'll x-ray her leg and make sure it is healing up good. But then next month I have to take her to get her heart checked out. They think she has a blockage in her heart and she may have to have an angioplasty. I wish things would just be alright for a little while. All this drama is making my head hurt.

Friday, March 17, 2006

been a while

I have been at my mom's place while she is recovering and am just now getting back home for a couple of days. I'm going to rest, sleep in my own bed, rest, eat, get the picture? Then go back to my mom's house for about a week and hopefully be home for good. She is getting batter everyday, she won't be able to walk for another 3 months but she can stand on her other foot and skip across the floor in her walker. I'll still be busy as I''ll probably have to go to her house to check on her every other day and still taker her to the doctors visits, since my brothers havent bothered to come and help at all.

I'll get back in touch with everyone soon. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I finally have 5 minutes to myself!

LOL Yeah and 5 minutes from now I'm sure I'll be doing something else. But now that I'm here...the reason I've been gone is my mom fell and broke her femur, pelvis, and hip. Damn I know that hurt. She had surgery to put it all back together and now she is in rehab. I am waiting on approval for my biopsy from my insurance, hopefully this week. I hope so cause I want to do allready and get it done. I don't want to do it at all, but my family is pretty much telling me I have to. I know that, but I also rememebr how uncomfortable it was. Not a nice thing to have done. I hate companies...dieseases...cancer...damn I just hate everything right now. I am a little stressed, a little angry, a little overwhelmed, and a little better than last week.
I'll get back here as often as possible. but after my mom gets out of rehab in a a few weeks I may have to go and live with her for a month.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Prophet Mohammad cartoons

Here is the link to see the cartoons that were published in a danish newspaper if you havent seen them. This is what has sparked all the controversy? You have got to be kidding. I am sick to death of hearing how these people aren't violent and then a cortoon is published and they go and kill people and burn embassys because of it.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

So here I was siting on the comfy couch watching tv, when this stupid fly started buzzing me. I thnk he was trying to commit hary carey by flying into my head a few times, but anyway. So It wouldn't leave me lone and then I wake up today to find we have even more flys in the apartment. Hey damnit ti's still winter! Don't flys know that they are supposeed to be hybernating or what ever they do in the winter?

So today I go and get these fly paper catchers, they are a vomit yellew paper that hangs down from the ceiling. I open it up, damn thing is sticky! sticky fly paper gets stuck to my fngers, damn fly is still buzzing over my head as I tack the paper to the ceiling, wobbling precaresly on my chair as I finally get the thing up there.

Now I have this horrible looking yellow vomit colored sticky fly paper hanging from the ceiling with 7 dead flies hanging from it. Niiiice.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Out with mom.

I took my mom to the indoor swapmeet today. We were there for about 2 hours. My mom can look at everything in a pace. lool She bought some pepper spray, I jsut hope she doesn't spray herslef with it. Anyway I bought some new nail art stuff, cause I bought some acrylic nail tips to do at home.

I also found a great place or avon stuff and bout some thing sfrom them.

I sold about 10 books on so I found a book place in the swapmeet and stocked up on more books.

I sold 2 mystery boxes on ebay, so I got rid of some stuff that I would have never used, but they seemed to have liked the boxes. I also sold a box of vhs tapes, I made out pretty good his week.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

You ever think....

some strange shit? Well I do. This morning I was wondering about my ancestry. Like how do I know if I do a family tree that it would be accurate? think about it. Now stay with me....What if ....lets say back in 1800 my ancesters had 5 kids then somehow they, the parent s die, house fire, ot shot what ever. All the small kids got places with surrounding neighbors and since they were to small to remember they were never told about their real parents. Are ya with me so far? Now those ive kids had kids who had kids, and so on never kowing they were form lets call them the smith famil. They thought they were from a, b, c, d, and e families. So now My ancesters were from one of those kids that got placed with another family and my real ancestry line was stopped. Or was it? There might have been uncles or aunts that came looking for the kids and never found them, now their familes are my real ancesters but I'll never know that. Are you confused yet? Good cause my brain hurts. lol

Saturday, January 21, 2006 only temporary...

or so I'm told. Heh.

I took my daughter to the Mall today and she had decided tog et her ears pierced today , but there was another girl there ahead of us when we got there and while we waited for them to be finished we picked out the pair of earrings she wanted. So the girl was getting her ears pierced and she started crying, the mother had to hold the kids head still in order for the woman to do the other ear. All the while I'm watching my daughter's face and just had this feeling that she wouldnt go through with it. LOL SO I was bad. I asked the woman if she had any velcro restraints cause we might have to tie my daughter to the chair in order to keep her form running out of the store, LOL The woman looked horrified at me and I saw my daughters face and knew the moment she had decided not to do it. LOL We walked out of there with no ear piercing done. LMAO

Monday, January 16, 2006


Today I got in the mail my $20.00 gift certificate to Borders books and my new Cd Pink Floyds the Division Bell. I got these as perks for doing some online surveys for the past few months. I only do them every once in a while and they give me pretty cool perks. I love going into a book store and being able to buy stuff for free. I bought Incubus Dreams by Laurel K. Hamilton and a few books from Christine Feehan. Just love those Vampire Romances. Heh eheh

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

When Gerbils attack!!!!

Argggggg! WTF! I had my gerbils out on the couch with me tonight and they were jumping around like crazy gerbils do, when my tan colored one (Honey) comes up to me and sits on my shoulder, turns around and nibbles on my ear, well, I shushed him away from my earring, since that's what I thought he was going for, but it turns out he doesn't like to get shushed away when he is attacking a piece of jewely. He comes back, juming here and there and latches on to my dangle earring and starts a munchin. Ok, no biggie, I take it off. problem solved, right? WRONG!!!

I think he is coming up to my face to sniff me, like they do so often, when all of the sudden. CRUNCH. He latches on to my bottom lip and starts crunchin. ouch! Damn he has some sharp ass teeth. I have 2 holes in my bottom lip, I'm bleeding and here comes (spirit) The white gerbil to see what that yummy red stuff is all over my fingers and lip. ouch! little shit bit my finger trying to taste the blood. WTF! Is it a full moon? Did some vampire rodent bite my babies last night? I'm thinking what the hell is going on? They don't usually bite me. I put them back in the cage, take care of my wounds, should I get rabies shots? lol

then go back to pet them and let them know everything is allright. I can't believe Honey bit me again! I now have a sore lip a sore finger and a bite on my forearm.
Is it something in the water?

Thursday, January 05, 2006


So I went to the mall with my daughter and used out gift certificates to a shop in the mall. I used my gift certificate online a few days ago and thought I had only $5.00 left on it so I only got one thing while I was there. But the guy tells me that the ful $25.00 isstill left on it, so I got more stuff, I was happy as hell. ;) But figured that whatever I got online didn't go through. So I get home and what is waiting for me? A box of stuff from the same shop I just shopped at. Yep, somehow they never took the money off the gift certificate when I ordered online and so I go all that stuff for free, then I look in the box and there is a pair of $38.00 jeans that just happen to fit my daughter in the box that I didn't order and they aren't on the receipt, they just gave them to me by mistake! So with my $25.00 gift certificate I got $50.00 worth of merchandise and a free $38.00 pair of jeans for my daughter. How cool is that. (the shops name was left out of this post for apparent reasons.) heh heh