Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Won Second place in The Kick Butt First Line contest!

This year Jaime Rush held a contest called The Kick Butt First Line Contest, and when I heard about it I thought it would be a lot of fun to think up a great first line for a book and throw my hand in the pot to win...I didn't expect to place in the top three at all. But I won 2nd place! You can see the other entries by clicking this link.
The Kick Butt First Line Contest!

I won a signed book and a $25 gift card. I'm a pretty happy camper right now.

Twitter Wednesday

So it's once again Twitter Wednesaday and this week I have found some real gems for you. The people I follow on Twitter have been in rare form this week and I have posted their antics here for you to read. As always their names and @'s have been removed to protect the innocent. (and to make sure I don't get yelled at..) LOL

Paying bills and responding to emails... And waiting for the hubs to bring supper home. Fooooood. Banshee hungry!

It's okay to say someone is an evil bitch when said person actually is an evil bitch, right? Even if it's family?

Minion! Bring me the kitty! Bwahaha :P

What new level of WTFery is it when you're visiting a friend and have to bring your own food to eat?

Holy crap, yesssss!!! Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies...

Have now decided "blogger" is obvious code for "drug dealer" - which then makes the $1K/week perfectly reasonable.

Have to be up in 5 hours T_T less if asshole cousin slams his door multiple times which is like a grass green, sky blue type deal :/

Sweet Lord in heaven! What the devil is a Google Friend Connect? I just figured out how to tame the Google+ beast.


I am such a fashion statement. Rocking the literal PONYtail LOL ‪

If anyone steals my GPS at the airport I'll choke a bitch.

Burritos: the magic food of happiness.

Is it crazy to wish to win the lottery just to create the ultimate Comic-Con vacation? Hey, I can be THAT crazy in a heartbeat!

A fifth moon around Pluto? For a former planet, it sure has a lot of attraction.

I'm sure Budweiser won't mind the product placement on the back of this guys head if he pisses me off.

My family pictures look really weird. So I just photoshop heads on random bodies and now I have 12 midget children.

I sat in squirrel shit today. I win.

Best text ever. "Careful, there's a sex scene in that movie that creeps up on you" wtf?

Never fart and expect it to just disappear. Those things spread out faster than the plague.

So... what's on your sex toy wish list? Anything especially sexy or naughty? Do share.

does everyone pick their husband's nose?