Monday, November 29, 2010

Nice Day at the Buffet

Yesterday my brother and his fiance took me, ken and our daughter out to eat at the Texas Buffet in the Texas Station Casino.

They had all types of good food to pick from but I went right over to the mexican grill and got some freshly made fajitas. Omg they were so good. The funny thing was when I went up to that fry station the guy who was cooking looked at me and said Pollo or Beef? I replied, Pollo. I know a few words in spanish and Pollo is spanish for chicken and I wanted chicken fajitas. When they were just about done he looks at me and rambles off and bunch of stuff....I looked at him and said, Uh, I have no idea what you just said.


He laughed and said because I had replied Pollo that I knew spanish but he wanted to know if I wanted it mild or spicy. I said mild. But all the people around that station were laughing because of what happened and when he gave me my plate I smiled and said, Gracias, which got another round of giggles from all of them.

They did have a really good carrot cake at the dessert station though and it wasn't made with that nasty cream cheese frosting, it had a whip cream frosting which was so good...I had just a lil' piece. lol I was good.