Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The "I can see all of you" X-ray at the airlines

Have you heard about this x-ray machine? It's also called the "Whole Body Imaging" scan. Have you seen this? No? Well here ya go..


This is a virtual strip search and more and more aairlnes are proposing to have them. Here in Las Vegas they are used on internation flights and I heard that other airlines are going to be getting them next year.

I plan on signing this petition to stop these virtual strip search x-rays because it really seems like an invasion of privacy to me. I can only guess at the things the people who would be looking at these screenings would be saying to one another or to their family members after work. And what happens to the imprint after you go on your merry way onboard the airline? Is it stored in a data base for others to look at and laugh?

I will never, ever fly on a plane again regardless of the use of this machine. With so many problems popping up with the airlines, I think people should boycott the airlines until they get their shit together.

I just wanna know...

What's up with the Im, chat, texting or emails instead of an actual phone call or handwritten letter?

You know what made me think of this? I used to write letters all the time, and then we got a computer and now I write letters jsut to the people who don't have a computer. I still call my mother almost everyday and I call my brothers. My sister called me the other night and we talked...not texted.

I don't have a cell phone and I don't need one, I don't want to be texting with my family instead of actually talking to them. I used to put my Im on when I was on the computer but I got so irritated with it that I don't turn it on anymore.

I want people to have courtesy when someone is chatting with them in IM and if they want me to converse with them, do the same for me. Otherwise it's just annoying. I used to love talking to some people on yahoo Im, others, I just sent an IM now and then, cause I am not gonna converse to LOL HAHA LOL LOL :) HAHA LOL LMAO. I'm not asking for a super IQ chat here, most people know me to be a tad goofy and sometimes there is a thought inspiring chat, but I'm not a difficult person to talk to. I only ask for people not to be idiots. Is that too much to ask?

When was the last time someone under the age of 18 wrote a handwritten letter because they wanted to? Not many I'm guessing.