Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The "I can see all of you" X-ray at the airlines

Have you heard about this x-ray machine? It's also called the "Whole Body Imaging" scan. Have you seen this? No? Well here ya go..


This is a virtual strip search and more and more aairlnes are proposing to have them. Here in Las Vegas they are used on internation flights and I heard that other airlines are going to be getting them next year.

I plan on signing this petition to stop these virtual strip search x-rays because it really seems like an invasion of privacy to me. I can only guess at the things the people who would be looking at these screenings would be saying to one another or to their family members after work. And what happens to the imprint after you go on your merry way onboard the airline? Is it stored in a data base for others to look at and laugh?

I will never, ever fly on a plane again regardless of the use of this machine. With so many problems popping up with the airlines, I think people should boycott the airlines until they get their shit together.


  1. Unfortunately, living in NZ, flying is the only way I can travel. I do think that US authorities overreact at times to threats - point in case being the absolutely stupid measures they've introduced recently with passengers not being able to walk around for an hour before landing. They're basically turning the aircrew into policemen for a start. I'm not saying that some of the measures aren't necessary, but they need to think about them a bit first and use some common sense.

    This x-ray machine is incredibly intrusive, and there's no way they could guarantee that images wouldn't become available to the public at some stage. I imagine celebrities would be fair game for someone wanting to make a quick buck.

  2. Exactly! There's no way to safe guard the images once they are on the computer, I don't care what they say about them. My hubby likes to say that the official never knows who's body they are looking at because the face is blurred out and the person looking at the image is in another room and never see's the actual person who was int eh imaging machine in the first place.

    But, what if the official has a cell phone and takes pictures of the images on the computer screen?

    What of all those confidential medical records that get leaked every year when they said it could never happen. Just ebcause they say there are safe guards in place to guard against security leaks lik that from happening doesn't mean it can't happen.

    They need to come up with another means of making sure there ar eno explosives on air planes.

    There ar ethose sniffer machine thats puff air on people and then analyze the air to make sure there ar eno explosives, but they are not used everywhere because they are so expensive. Well make them less expensive and get more of those. There's always another alternative.


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