Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's Been a Strange Week

I kinda feel like that poor guy pictured above. My eyes are pryed open only by the amount of caffeine I have been consuming because I'm not getting enough sleep for a gnat.
Stress...check. Insomnia...Check.
Hives...check and double check.
Restless Leg syndrome...check. Sheesh it's no wonder I can't sleep or concentrate, or sit still. I'm tired as all get out and then fall asleep only to be awoke by nightmares and restless Leg syndrome. Good Grief.
I'm stressed out so I now have more hives.
Just when I don't think anything else can computer decides to play a prank on me. I go to turn it on the other morning and IE is gone, all the new articles I wrote are gone, all my pictures are gone, everything stored on my pc was gone. I freaked out for about 4 hours, reloading my favorites and trying to remember what articles I had written.
Then I thought maybe I'll just restart the computer and see what happens...all that I thought I had lost was magically put back where it was suppossed to be and was there again. I've never been so happy...